Month: July 2010

A Day in Review…

Today I’ve chosen to post a few book reviews that I’ve done in an effort to bring more literature packed content to you, the reader! Plus, if you’re anything like me, you are an avid reader and quite possibly a word…um, fiend and are always looking for books. Some of these might be books you’ve […]

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How to Write a Novel in 30 Easy Steps

There are a lot of great websites/blogs available that tell writers how to get their work published (in very vague terms that don’t actually give specifics as to “how” to actually do it), and there are great sites that tell writers how to edit/review/critique their manuscripts. But very few sites help a writer with the […]

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Guest: J Travis Grundon’s Just the Tip…Writing Tip

Just the Tip… New York Times Best Selling Author Janet Evanovich was asked: “What advice would you give aspiring writers?” Her answer was “WRITE!” I have a lot of friends who talk about being a writer, or wanting to write, but they spend most of their time playing video games, watching movies, getting drunk, making […]

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A Little Friendly Competition?

In an effort to keep as well-informed as possible on the wonderfully wacky world of writing, I stay tuned into several sites and information sources that provide contest information for writers looking to either “make it big” or simply those trying to “earn a little cred”. Below are three contests I found in the Writer’s […]

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Guest: Kenzie Michaels, So You’ve Written A Book?

So You’re Published; Now What? “…and they lived happily ever after. The End”. “Dear Kenzie, We’d like to offer you a contract… Here are your edits… Here’s your cover…. Your release date is…”Wow. Now what? Your book, which you’ve worked so hard to write, submitted it to a publisher and had it accepted, bitten your […]

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In this world, there are insane amounts of information available. The internet alone has opened up an immense collection of information readily available at your fingertips. That is, IF you know the correct keyword to use. If not, well, then we start to get cross information of completely unrelated topics. And, we’ve all seen those […]

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