Month: September 2010

Wording and the Art of Interpretation

Check out our vibrating plows! This is the sign I see one day while driving outside of a lawn and garden equipment rental business. Of course, I didn’t see the large business sign declaring, first, that this statement belonged to a lawn and garden equipment rental place. What I notice is the large, multi-colored lettering […]

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Unraveling the Mystery – Interview with Author Jay Zimmer

Books are my all-consuming passion. Whether I’m choosing to touch pen to paper (or fingers to keys in my case most of the time), selling a much-loved novel at my and long time friend J. Travis Grundon’s bookstore The Mockingbird Book Emporium, or whether I’m selecting one to read for myself, books are my chamomile […]

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Cracker Jack Prizes

I don’t like popcorn. In any of its forms – caramel, cheesy, white chocolate, etc., to me, popcorn is more of an annoyance than a practical food source. And unless I’m starving or totally broke, popcorn is not on my list of food selections. So why is it that most of my childhood memories include […]

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To Build A Mockingbird

J. Travis Grundon and long time friend B.C. Brown have decided that the one thing an author can bring to a community is books. The two have decided to bring books to Vincennes, Indiana, not just their own. Brown and Grundon have joined forces to create The Mockingbird Book Emporium. The Mockingbird is designed to […]

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