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Year: 2011

Writing vs Talking

Me likey talky-talky. ūüôā There’s a common misconception that writers, since we’re so verbose and even know what words like ‘verbose’ are (and if you’re reading this blog and don’t know what verbose means, maybe you shouldn’t be following this particular blog, eh? Or buy a dictionary and actually use it – ha.), that we …

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Give A Fracas, Short Story Anthology

Not for the faint of heart. Glorious Bastards Press has released Fracas: A Collection of Short Friction, an anthology of transgressive fiction, that includes one of my short stories, Killing Innocence.¬† **I’m so excited, I could just…spit!** Dafuq is Transgressive Fiction? Transgressive fiction is everything publishers display prominently on their websites that they won’t accept …

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Just in case everyone (anyone? O.o) hasn’t noticed, I’ve decided to take one of my “breaks” from blogging.  This can often last a short duration or a ridiculously long one but, since I promised not too long ago in a blog post to not just up and vanish for months on end without so much …

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Waking the Sleeping Dragon: Apathy and Its Effect on Wrting

 jsdlfjsdlijerjwfdslkjslcmslkdfmselfkweifjsdlcmsldkfmwlerjwofjsdkflskdnmflskdnmflwejfiwejdflsdfklmsdlfkmlfmjawejflsdkfmlskdfmsldfmalwerjawopeifjlskdfnmlkmfnle……Oh,  shit, sorry; I fell asleep on the keyboard again.  Lately that has been all there has been to my writing regime, normally so scheduled and productive, an endless parade of staring at a semi-blank screen, watching the little cursor go blip, blIP, BLIP all the day/night.  Nonsensical words fall from my fingertips like normal …

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The Book Thief

No, I’m not talking about the recent and popular novel by the same name. (Admittedly, I haven’t even read it yet but am told it is excellent.) I’m talking about the “Idea That Got Away” – presumably into somebody else’s head.Say what, B.C.?Just the other day I was watching an episode of ‘Supernatural’ (love those …

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