Month: April 2011

Waking the Sleeping Dragon: Apathy and Its Effect on Wrting

 jsdlfjsdlijerjwfdslkjslcmslkdfmselfkweifjsdlcmsldkfmwlerjwofjsdkflskdnmflskdnmflwejfiwejdflsdfklmsdlfkmlfmjawejflsdkfmlskdfmsldfmalwerjawopeifjlskdfnmlkmfnle……Oh,  shit, sorry; I fell asleep on the keyboard again.  Lately that has been all there has been to my writing regime, normally so scheduled and productive, an endless parade of staring at a semi-blank screen, watching the little cursor go blip, blIP, BLIP all the day/night.  Nonsensical words fall from my fingertips like normal […]

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