Month: April 2012

Pass the Promotion – Author Lisa Renee Jones Release Party

Ladies and Gentlemen!  Or all those other people who actually read my blog. I’ve decided that, from time to time, I’m going to pass on a little promotion to people I know/connect with/or just plain like.  Will there be a rhyme or reason to this promotion; will it be an every month type of occurrence?  […]

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KAZAAM! (Made you look.)

As writers we pound our fucking heads against the wall wonder what it takes to get the attention of our readers. Actually, hell, we wonder what it takes to get the attention of anyone – readers, non-readers, fellow authors, agents, publishing houses, reviewers, etc. Just what is the magic formula to catch the infuriating lovely eyes […]

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Disconnect to Reconnect

As writers we spend so much of our time banging our heads against the proverbial or literal wall trapped in our climate-controlled offices, staring at blipping cursors, and trying to figure out how to make our characters real and alive on the page.  It’s often, however, that, while we are distancing ourselves from the world […]

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Writing Sucks.

Writing sucks.  Plain and simple.  Being a writer isn’t glamorous (it’s long, lonely and often deprived days and nights of self-induced solitude); it’s rarely fun (try having eye strain from hours of staring at a computer screen, or muscle spasms from sitting hunched in one position trying to get a single sentence right or two […]

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Research = Pound Head Here

There are few words despised by writers.  I mean, we make our stock and trade in words. So how can we possibly dislike any of them, right?  Wrong.  Words are powerful creatures that can often times when used properly strike more mortal fear into people than any action ever could.  Writers are no different.  While […]

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In The Mood – Writing and Motivation

Hello, kiddies.  Been a while since I last ranted blogged on anything.  Lonely yet without my sweet shrill voice prattling on and on?  Since my ego is just that BIG, I’m going to come to the conclusion that, yes, you missed me.  insert exaggerated eye rolling here Today, kiddies, I’m going to go on and […]

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