Month: November 2012

The Next Big Thing

Being an indie author isn’t the easiest prospect. There are long, grueling hours of writing topped with longer, more grueling hours of marketing, promotion, creative design, editing, contact and platform building. The list is endless.Promotion seems to be one of the hardest aspects. Independent authors rarely have the means to advertise like the major publishers, […]

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Random Rant 87: Condescending Pricks

Condescending pricks.These are the people who say idiotic things like: That’s not a word. You’re an author; shouldn’t you know that’s not a word? Yes, I am an author. Which means I know it’s not a word in the dictionary, as defined by today’s standards. However, as a writer (of fiction), this means I reserve […]

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Queen of the Waves

Let’s go surfin’ now; everybody surfin’ now; come on a surf-ari with me!!! Some of you might remember that, last week, I was on t.v. for an interview about my writing. (Watch it here.) It was debuted on a local channel called Hometown Daily News on Channel 21, and also streamed live at their online […]

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Matzo Ball Sucker Remedy 1

Writers who don’t read… Suck big ol’ Matzo balls.  This past year I’ve noticed a trend in my writing; it’s dying a slow, painful death. I’m constantly finding an excuse not to write, and my writing schedule? Ha! It’s turned into “How long can I stare at the screen and pretend I’m writing when people […]

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T.V. Stardom, Baby!

Exposure. (Mind out of the gutter, perv!) In the marketing world, exposure is what everyone is seeking. Often getting the right kind of exposure is debatable. But the fact that we need for people to know we, and our writing, exist is imperative. As writers, what do we do to achieve this? We blog; we […]

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Book Review: Shadows in the Dark by L.D. Hutchinson

It’s NaNoWriMo, baby! Which means I’m an in full-on Terminator-mode for word count. However duty as a writer keeps me reading. Also the fact that I have promised several fellow authors in months past to review their work keeps me reading. Last but not least is the fact that if, as a writer, I don’t […]

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