Random Rant 92: Nerd Cred

I pride myself on my geek stature. I am, unabashedly, in love with dice-chucking, card-flipping, miniature-pushing, sci-fi/fantasy con-ing geekiness. I can quote Trek and Wars; understand and recognize Klingon and Elvish and have learned Chinese slang from Firefly; own at least two costumes from at least 2 different sci-fi or fantasy series; can name every Doctor and subsequent corresponding Companions; know original and remake Battlestar; and Buffy, Torchwood, X-Men, Avengers, Stargate, Farscape… and the list goes on. I have half a guy brain and react to weaponry with the same oohing and aahing that most males do. The only thing I don’t soak up as absolute nerd porn? Video games.

Veejee gaming has never caught my attention. I grew up with Atari, Nintendo, Sega, and so on and so forth. But, no matter which system I’ve picked, I haven’t found a system with games that made me want to continue playing for more than a session. Then I’m bored.

Well, not bored really. More like frustrated beyond belief.

I’m pretty sure it has more to do with my total lack of hand-eye coordination. Could possibly be the fact that my sense of direction is thrown completely out of whack by the VR I’m playing in. Another part of it could be because I generally prefer to spend my time reading, writing, or watching movies. Why would I care to invest that same valuable time in veejee gaming when there are so many other forms of geek-dom to pursue?

Nerd cred.

That’s right. True female geeks are rare. Especially those that still know how to be a girl and balance that with being a nerd. Nerd cred is important as a female geek. We’re are always being challenged for our cred. If we skip the latest Warhammer 40K tournament to spend a day with the girls getting manis/pedis, our cred is dinged. Suddenly can’t remember what episode of TNG a Trill first made an appearance, dinged again. Forget for a second that The Doctor first revealed himself to humans via BBC on the day President John F. Kennedy was assassinated… big ol’ ding. After a time, your nerd cred, or geek points, become diminshed.

My own geek points were challenged recently. Why? Because I don’t veejee game. For some reason, this really pisses me off bothers me. In the space of two seconds my entire geeky stature was disputed. Somehow I felt less… nerd than before. All because I’m not terribly interested in following the points in a subprogram.

I realize that I may not be being fair to all veejee games. Some, from what I understand, are masterpieces of entertainment, ingenuity, and creativity. They are stunning works of art.

I’m still bored by them. The idea of a visually and artistically stunning work of video game entertainment does not get my Starbuck-autographed knickers moist. But a direct challenge to my nerd status does manage to make me hot and bothered. Just not precisely in the best sense of that phrase.

The gauntlet was thrown; the glove removed and face slapped. What the hell is it about these veejee games that adds so much to a geek’s cred? Like with the first inkling of curiosity that tempts a woman to plunge into the male-dominated world of NERD, a further study and better understanding of veejee gaming must be had. My theory is, at the end of the day, I’ll learn that video games, or their lack of inclusion, are not enough to tarnish my nerd cred. But I’m willing to proceed with the experiment.

Feeling less nerd is simply not acceptable.  

Random Rant 86: Gardening

Life outside of writing. Believe it or not, even I manage to have one of those from time to time. It’s not often I comment on it (it really isn’t that interesting fucking boring) but an online friend, made in-person friend recently (Hi Bronwyn!), reminded me that people might be interested in a few scraps tidbits of personal life tossed in every so often. So here goes.

Gardening. I have a killer thumb. No, literally. I’ve killed everything I’ve ever managed to grow. Sadly, this makes me a very bad wannabe hippie. Yup, that’s right; I’m a wannabe hippie. I want to plant and grow my own vegetables, make my own lotions and deodorants, and milk my own goats and farm my own fish. There, I said it.

Over the years I’ve made several stabs at tryinig to learn how to garden. I’ve gotten all excited, bought all the necessary supplies, and dived right in. And failed – miserably. Hindsight has (I think) taught me the error or ways. When I do things, I go BIG! I’m mean spectacularly big. Most of the time with success; other times, like gardening… well, not so much.

There are four steps to life I’ve adopted since 1995. (I won’t say how old I was – just know it was still formative, impressionable years. Ah, fuck it; I was a freshman in high school.) They are as follows:

  1. Let good thoughts be your sword and shield.
  2. Ignore adversity.
  3. Abide by the rules of love.
  4. Live larger than life; it’s just the right size.

(Yes, you get a frickin’ cookie if you know where those steps are from. It’ll have rainbow sprinkles too! If you don’t know this movie, click on the gorgeous lady and watch a fabulous film!!)

Naturally, step 4 came into play even in my gardening. However, lately I’ve been doing a lot of research into healthier, organic (as much as urbanly, humanly possible that is) living. While I don’t see myself becoming self sustained by my attempts, I certainly hope to become self supplementing with them. Something I’ve found is that my “Go big or go home” mentality was working against me.

What am I going to do?

After a lot of intensive research (friggin’ love Youtube and Google), I’m once more going to tackle gardening. This time on a smaller, indoor (duh! it’s winter here) scale. And I’m gonna do it as green as possible too. Coworkers are helping me out a bit by providing plastic containers I simply don’t buy often enough to recycle into my new project (2 liter soda bottles, gallon ice cream containers, etc.), and the local grocery chains will help to provide larger pots (5 gallon icing buckets from Hell-Mart, anyone?).

My goal is (with a limited number of “pots” to use) I’ll be able to successfully start a few plants; assess my remaining space, supplies, and success rates; and decide whether or not I can add more, or if I need to scale back to get better. With luck, by this time next year, I will be on my way to having a smallish apartment garden providing supplemental fruits and veggies. (We’ll talk about the beehive needed for wax for lotions, the goat for milk, and the fish for meat later. Baby steps. lol)

Throughout this process, I’ll try to keep you updated (maybe with pics or video if I’m not too monumentally lazy don’t hold your breath) and let you know how it’s going. If anyone cares, or even reads this thing, that is.




“Lets eat grandma.” and “Let’s eat, Grandma.” are different things, people; really they are.

A good writer encourages experimentation with words. Experimentation leads to discovery and evolution. Plus, it makes things fun. That said, a good writer should abhor loosey-goosey play with punctuation however. Rarely anything gets my goat more (except maybe spelling but that can be forgiven to a point) than the horrible use of punctuation in writing – whether that is in a book, digital format, online, or in a phone text. Nothing denotes a fundamental lack of giving a good goddamn more to me than the apparent deliberate misuse or lack of caring to use punctuation. It looks both ignorant and stupid.

The sad thing is that, according to SourceFed (and if you don’t know what this is, check Youtube, people, and enlighten yourselves to genuis; also check Phillip DeFranco’s channel), a recent study shows that the population of the United States of America is becoming dumber.

That’s right, less intelligent than their ancestors. So Grandma and Grandpa, Mom and Dad, are actually smarter than you. See the SourceFed video here. Joe Beretta pointedly brings up the lack of comma usage in the segment which led me to my writing rant for the day. (I would have entitled the piece “Random Rant” but, since it’s writing-related, it isn’t true randomness.)

Want to be a little more intelligent when it comes to written communication? Try using this tiny book with big impact – Strunk and White’s Elements of Style. It’s inexpensive, simply written, and can make even the most confused person able to write intelligently.

And, let’s face it, once you’re able to write more intelligently, you’re able to think more intelligently. The world then becomes a better place.

End bitch rant of the day. Thank you for your time and consideration while riding. Here’s another SourceFed about intelligence, just for the hell of it.