Month: May 2013

Dani Wade – Finding Her Rhythm- Novel Feature

Thanks for having me here, BC. Very cool place with lots of interesting nooks and crannies (I’m totally gonna have to check out episodes of Vaginal Fantasy Hangout – love, love, love Felicia Day). Going new places and meeting new people are things I love about being an author. You see, I’ve spent the first […]

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Kill Me Now! by Lawrence Fisher – Novel Feature

Indie authors wear a lot of hats. None more important than others but one in particular could be considered the life source (other than the writing) – Promotion. In order to make sure that long toiled upon work is appreciated, we sometimes have to rely on our friends (or friend’s acquaintances) to help us along. […]

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A Touch of Darkness, Contemporary Fantasy Novel

As authors, we look for tevery avenue to exploit promote/market our work. We engage in social media promotion, via Facebook, Tweet, LinkedIn, Google+, and hit the blogging promos hard in our own blogs, guest blogs, and host blog tours, events and giveaways. To promote even more we become conventioneers and book tour blitzes. Authors trap […]

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Vaginal Fantasy Pimp

As most of you are aware, I’m a writer. I talk about writing. I like to discuss books. To my dismay, however, there are very few book clubs in my smaller than fly shit area. Of the groups that are around, they are elderly Christian women who read religion-inspired novels, elderly women who read traditional […]

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Critter Alert

I love to edit. There, I’ve said it. More specific, I love to critique work. I enjoy reading through someone else’s piece, finding places where I can tighten, streamline awkward choreography, fix continuity, and work on pesky word dilemmas like repetitive phrasing. Even with work that is already published, I find myself with mental red […]

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When Blogging Duties Meet Real Life

Naturally I said, two months ago, I’d remember to blog on a more regular basis. And, par for the course, I haven’t followed through. Don’t think, little darlings, that I haven’t been thinking about you; I have. My schedule however has been something of a nightmare. As many people know, on a personal note, The Doctor […]

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