Month: August 2013

Novel Spotlight: Demon King’s Desire by J.L. Sheppard

J.L. Sheppard offers a steamy peek at Demon King’s Desire, her latest paranormal romance. Enough to make your lips quiver with a king’s desire… Excerpt:     First Kiss     Ecstatic, Lucas materialized a block away from Jenna’s apartment, instantly sensing her. He reached out, picking up on her presence, and read her, allowing himself […]

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Barbara Bradley – Hesitant Desire – Author Interview

1.      Barbara Bradley, author of Hesitant Desire, is the subject of my scrutiny today. Check out what makes this writer tick and find out a little bit about her writing. Without further ado… Barbara Donlon Bradley author of Hesitant Desire       What does an average day for you consist of?  What […]

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Shannyn Schroeder – A Good Time – Novel Spotlight

Independent authors do a ton of work promoting their works. Today, I’m happy to promote a fellow writer and introduce my readers (And we all know there are a small army of you, aren’t there?) to someone they may not have heard of before now. So, without further ado… Shannyn Schroeder’s A GOOD TIME He’s […]

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Quixotic: Not Everyday Love Stories, Transgressive Fiction

A Short Story Anthology of Transgressive Fiction Love is a many splendid thing. Love lifts you up where you belong. Love in an elevator. Scribes love writing about love! The sweeping, giddy goodness of the chemical process of attraction and permanency is a writer’s playground…and the devil’s. As science tells us, everything that goes up must […]

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Draven St. James – Grey’s Hidden Fire – Author Interview

    I read. I read a lot. I read to the point of distraction. Most of you are aware of my intensive reading schedule. In my quest to seek out new reading material, I adore opening my blog to other authors, learning more about them, and learning more (in turn) about their work. Today is […]

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Summer Fun is a Writer’s Bane

Summer. We’ve all looked forward to those beautiful, warm months without school, without responsibility, and chocked full of events, barbeques, and family gatherings since we were wee-high to a grasshopper. I have no friggin’ clue what that phrase actually means except I hear my family members use it a lot. And that’s all true. With […]

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