Month: February 2014

The Fallen Book Blast + Giveaway

Title: The Fallen Authors: Lee French and Erik Kort Series: The Greatest Sin #1 Publication Date: January 26, 2014 Genre: Fantasy SynopsisFor hundreds of years, the Blaukenev clan has wandered across Tilzam, from one end to the other and back. Each wagon carries history, love, laughter, pain, sorrow, and secrets. Their greatest secret of all may be Chavali, […]

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Guest Post: How-To Authoring, Barb Drozdowich & Babs Hightower

What is Sharing and why do you need to encourage it? I’d like to thank BC Brown for inviting me to share some thoughts today! My name is Barb Drozdowich and I teach WordPress and work with authors on a daily basis to help them understand the technical aspects of Book Promotion.  Today I thought […]

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Treading Twitter – Why Hashtags?

#Everyone #has #gone #hashtag #crazy! #Hashtags #are #everywhere #we #look. #What #does #it #all #mean?I fielded this very question the other day from a confused acquaintance trying to figure out the importance of hashtags and how to use Twitter. As a matter of fact, his exact wording was “I don’t use Twitter. I don’t get […]

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Treading Twitter Tutorial

#this #that #???… Using social media is a great way to reach readers. But how do you know exactly how to reach the readers you’re looking for? #Hashtagging is a way of targeting the readers a writer wants. But, again, where do you start?Every time you turn around it seems like there is a new Twitter […]

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Photo: Autumnal nature scene depicting satyrs and faeries at play.

Fantasy Anthology, A Chimerical World

A Chimerical World: Tales of the Seelie Court, a fantasy anthology featuring work by myself and many talented authors, is available TODAY!! This fantasy short story anthology, produced by Seventh Star Press, features 19 works of fantasy focusing on the faeries of old. Tales of the Seelie Court is the first of two books. The […]

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Quixotic: Not An Everyday Valentine’s Contest

Everyone has their weird, wacky, or downright worst Valentine’s Day memory. In honor of Quixotic: Not Everyday Love Stories, I’m offering Not An Everyday Valentine’s Contest. The goodies? How about… A $50 Amazon Gift Card and 1 Autographed Copy of Quixotic: Not Everyday Love Stories! So in honor of a totally made up holiday by […]

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Dialogue Drop vs. Info Dump

“Tell, don’t show.” Writers hear this from editors (or teachers, if you’re still going that route at this time) more than most things. It’s one of the most difficult lessons, I think, for writers to master. How do I, the writer, get the massive fuck-ton of backstory, scenery, and world view into my story that […]

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Review: This Changes Everything by Sally Ember

Complex, Creative, and Compelling – 4 Stars [Rating systems can be fluid. Since limited to a 5 star system, the following scale will help quantify the rating. 1 star = Distinct Dislike; 2 star = Fine/Not For Me; 3 star = Enjoyable; 4 star = Quite Enjoyable; 5 star = Love/Will Re-Read. This book was […]

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Cover Reveal: On The Run, MaryLynn Bast

Author: MaryLynn Bast Series: Heart of a Wolf Series Genre: New Adult Paranormal Publisher: Werewolf Tails Publishing Release Date: December 10, 2013 Blurb/Synopsis:  With the Wolf Council after her, Amber is on the run. Leaving Blake behind, her true love, she’s never been in one place long enough to make any other friends and when […]

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Announcing the LR Cafe’s Runner Up… Endless Love by Molly Daniels!

A good friend, Molly Daniels, won Runner Up in the Best of YA for LR Cafe’s contest, and I just had to show her a little love for the win. Without further waiting, here is Endless Love, 2013 LR Cafe’s Runner Up! Endless Love:  Caitlyn McCarty plans to marry her high school sweetheart, Bryan Johnson, […]

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