Month: April 2014

Guest Post: A Great Year, Mike Hartner

Today, author Mike Hartner is guest posting about his Best of 2013. Mike and I met through Kate Tilton and her book bloggers network. In the future I will post a review of I, Walter, Mike’s historical fiction novel. ***  2013 was a fantastic year.  Hello, I’m Mike Hartner, and during the spring of 2013, […]

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Dark Fantasy – How Much Is Too Much?

Fantasy. In my opinion, it’s probably one of the most written genres in literature (next to science fiction). Romance stories have touches of fantasy built in, general fiction seems to have it too these days, and, of course, historical fiction is rife with it. Lately (and fortunately for me since I like to both read […]

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An Indie with Reviews?!

“As an indie author, it’s hard to get people to review your book.”  This is one of the most reiterated statements I hear from other authors.  And it Simply. Isn’t. True.The self-pubbed world of literature has literally EXPLODED in the last one- to two-years thanks to success stories like Amanda Hocking.  What used to be […]

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Guest Post: Stubborn Characters by Molly Daniels/Kenzie Michaels

What To Do When Your Characters Refuse To Speak  by Molly Daniels Nearly thirty years ago, I began writing a series of books and had half of the planned fourteen written by 2003.  It is now 2014.  How many more have been written?  Only two more….the ones at the end of the series.  So what […]

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Guest Post + Giveaway: Gambling on Emotion

Guest post today by Sarah Walter Ellwood Gambling on Emotion… Emotional Arcs in Character Development to Make Characters Feel “Real” Ever read a book and really connect with the characters, even if they are people you may not ever meet, doing jobs you’d never do? The reason readers can connect to a character is through […]

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