Revenge Writing And You

Emotion is one of the most powerful motivators for writers. Every feeling we process can become the catalyst for a story. An old belief is that an artist must suffer to produce truly great art. There’s a lot of truth to that statement. But there is a more powerful emotion that often drives artists – especially writers.


Or, better yet, spite.

Revenge writing is a visceral form of anger management for authors. We’ve been jilted, done wrong, pained, or criticized… Kill the person in literature. What could be more liberating and fulfilling? Since writing is the ultimate form of fantasy for a wordsmith, being able to enact your revenge through that writing has a supreme calming effect.

An excellent movie, A Knight’s Tale, (Don’t you dare judge me.) has Geoffrey Chaucer, supposedly the Chaucer, as a primary character. In one scene, after being wronged by two bookies, he strides, bare-assed and defiant, up to them and declares: “I will eviscerate you in fiction. Every pimple, every character flaw. I was naked for a day; you will be naked for eternity.”

As writers we draw on our lives, our experiences, to shape and feed our art. It’s only right we draw on our own perceived villains as well. I recently had such an experience to feed my art, so to speak. (I go into it in some detail on my Facebook, if you’re interested in the entirety.) I don’t point this out to shame or contradict the reviewer, but to illustrate how the incredulity I felt toward the email could spur me into a more passionate daily writing prompt session than I usually reserve for the task. (You can read the writing prompt result here.)

The point is, anger can sometimes be an author’s best friend. As artists we should strive to write when our emotions are at their highest – i.e. most passionate – including happiness, grief, anger and, oh yes, spite.

The best thing a writer can do is carry a notebook and pen, recording device, or electronic notebook with them at all times in order to capture those moments. Just remember, the next time someone irritates the hell out you… let yourself be angry. Don’t stomp, rant, and vent it out however. Write the sucker down. It may turn out to be the next Great American Novel.

BC Brown is the author of three novels and has participated in multiple short story

anthologies. Having committed almost every bad deed in the book of ‘How to Be An Author’, she now strives to educate other writers through humor and simple instruction.

Anthologies: Fracas: A Collection of Short FrictionQuixotic: Not Everyday Love Stories A Chimerical World: Tales of the Seelie Court

She can be found on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

3 Erotic Romance Books + More Giveaway!

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Renovating A Heart by Deanndra Hall

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RUN by River Harlequinn

Abused, neglected and the absolute bottom of the pile, the runt of her family, even below her half-breed father, Lea suddenly discovers she’s to be given in marriage to a werewolf family from her mother’s home town. But she hasn’t even managed to turn for the first time yet, and if she doesn’t, they’ll slaughter her.
Her father can’t oppose the marriage, but he can give his daughter a fighting chance, and forces her mother to take her home for the fire ritual at Beltaine. If she manages to turn then, perhaps she will survive and claim what’s rightfully hers. All she wants to do is run….. Buy it now at


Protecting Portia by Pavarti K Tyler

Jackson Grady met the love of his life. Unfortunately, he was running drugs for a pimp named Sasha at the time, who asked him to keep an eye on their new acquisition from Russia, the bedraggled beauty named Portia. She touched his heart and forced him to confront the kind of man he’d become.
Now, Portia and Jackson both work at The Sugar House. He continuously looks out for her, and longs for her with his every breath, but knows he is unworthy of such an angel. What will Portia do to win not only the heart, but also the body, of the man she loves?
Welcome to the world of The Sugar House, and the men and women who will fulfill your every fantasy. But can they find a way to fulfill their own?


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4 Simple Writer Mistakes

  • Writer’s Block Blues

Writer’s block is a myth. Writers write. Writer’s block is most often chalked up to laziness on the part of the writer. Or boredom. There’s always boredom.

If you do find your motivation lacking when it comes to your writing, stay calm and don’t panic. But do worry. Writers write. The definition is in the very name. So if you feel yourself lacking, remember that there is nothing wrong with small steps. Doctors recommend easy exercises when a person is starting off. There isn’t anything wrong with easy exercises as an author. Here are two examples how to break out of the Writer’s block folly.

  1. Allowing yourself to be distracted by television? Write during the commercial breaks. You’d be surprised how much you want to keep writing, even when the show comes back on.
  2. Chained to your laptop to write? Change it up. Grab a pen and notebook and scribble notes while standing in your kitchen cooking dinner. Not relying heavily on equipment or atmosphere can help recharge writing batteries.

  • All Or Nothing

Success Judging. Sales are not what you expect even after all the marketing and tweeting and facebooking and blogging. Redefine success.

If you find yourself overly focused on sales, and we all do it, don’t worry. It’s natural to want to check up on your own progress. Like so many things however, the key is moderation.

  1. Amazon Sale Rank checker? Set a schedule. Allow yourself to check your sales rank at certain times of the day. Set an alarm if necessary. Keeping in mind always that, if the alarm doesn’t beep, you’re not allowed to check your rank.
  2. Are you a ‘goaler’? In other words, you must have a margin of success each day to feel good as a writer. No worries. We are programmed around rewards. It’s a basic human driving force. If you can’t just let your sales be then re-set your goals. It can be as simple as finishing a project or achieving a set word count in a day.

  • Overly Complicated

Life is simple. Don’t get fancy; don’t try to write contrary to your existence. Many writers want only to write happy, fluff bunny fantasies. Why not take a break and write what you know? The change in medium just might be what you need to get your writing back on track again.

There is nothing, I repeat nothing, wrong with  trying new things. It may not be publishable later on, but not every project has to end in publication. It’s sometimes necessary to just dabble.

  1. What is your primary plot? What is your secondary? Know those two items and then cut out everything else. Bloated plots, while they can make for fantastic reads, are murder on a writer struggling to put them on paper. Write simply. Then, when your steam is back up, you can go in and add subplots. You’d be surprised to find later than those plots you thought were so crucial in the beginning can simply be left out.
  2. Stuck in a rut? Do you only write one kind of story? Stop it. Pick something else. For example, you’re a fantasy writer specializing in magic and dragons. Deliberately write a romance instead. You may find that as you write the story morphs back to a fantasy, and that is fine. The point is to get you writing, not thinking about what to write.

  • Book Worm (and not in the good way)

Study-a-holic. A good writer constantly reviews their work in order to improve. But, as writers (often obsessed individuals with an eye for narcissistic perfection), we can over-review. Take a little time from hitting the books, per say, and just write. Stop focusing on lessons learned and mistakes made.

  1. Perfectionist? Stop using punctuation and capitalization. It may sound weird, but the less you focus on the technical aspects of writing, the more you can refocus on the writing itself. Punctuation and capitalization can always be added later (if at all). The goal is to get you writing, not reviewing.
  2. A re-reader? Stop. Simple don’t read. Don’t go back and check your work. Don’t re-read to see where you left off from the last sit down. Just write. It doesn’t matter if there are inconsistencies or inaccuracies in a first draft. It’s your ‘vomit draft’ anyway. The important thing is to write.

In seven years of publishing and a couple of decades of writing, these are the four most common mistakes I’ve seen writers make (myself included). Despite there being four different mistakes, they all boil down to the same thing. Writers write. If you are doing anything other than putting new words on paper, you aren’t doing that one task. Which is the only task.  What must come first, before all the extra that goes with being a writer, is that you must write. Everything else is just decoration.

BC Brown is the author of three novels and has participated in multiple short story anthologies. Having committed almost every bad deed in the book of ‘How to Be An Author’, she now strives to educate other writers through humor and simple instruction.

Anthologies: Fracas: A Collection of Short FrictionQuixotic: Not Everyday Love Stories A Chimerical World: Tales of the Seelie Court

She can be found on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Free Book: Second Chance Love by Jennifer Labelle

Who Wants a FREE Book?
Have I got your attention yet? J
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Book blurb:
Goody, goody Teegan Hallowell was tired of being teased for following the rules. So, when her brother’s sexy friend shows an interest, she rebels, and learns all about the good kind of bad.
Now ten years later, Teegan returns home to escape a horrible mistake, but wonders if she’s made an even bigger one by returning. There was a reason she left Digby, when her dreams shattered and the man she loved betrayed her. So when she realizes she’s still in love with him, matters become complicated when he reveals her reason for leaving him was all in vain.
Liam Bates has every intention of loving Teegan again, but she’s had it rough and he needs to rebuild her trust.  The spark is still there, and as they explore what once was, their love is tested when Teegan disappears, and Liam will stop at nothing until he finds her again. 
Jagged rocks aligned across the coastline. The moist salty air was refreshing, and the tide slowly rose against the Fundy Shore. It was good to be home again. Teegan sat on the fallen tree trunk, and tried to capture the beauty of the scenery with her sketch pad.
She hadn’t been there in years and the beauty of it still captivated her. This secluded patch of beach once belonged to Liam’s family and she wondered if it still did. Seeing Liam again brought so much back to her, that she just needed a place to unwind, and some of her most precious memories belonged right where she was.
Smiling, she turned up her iPod and sang along to the lyrics of Shinedown’s Breaking Inside, relating to the lyrics. Subconsciously, she ended up adding a boy and his father fishing right where she sat into the picture. Liam! Why can’t I seem to let you go?Sighing, she almost fell off the log and into the water. Her heart raced, and adrenaline pumped as she wondered who in the Lord’s name snuck up on her like that.
Large arms wrapped around her, pulling her close as his heat enveloped her senses. He was the one man in the entire world who could make her weak in the knees by just being in close proximity to her. The one man she was trying to avoid. Too afraid of her emotions. Oh Lord, he smells so good. Get it together, Teeg. You don’t even know him anymore.
“Liam?” She sounded breathless and winced turning away. She could not let him see how he affected her, could not risk losing her heart again. It hurt too much.
“Hasn’t anyone ever told you not to sneak up on someone like that? Geez, you just about gave me a heart attack not to mention an unwanted swim.” Placing a hand to her heart she turned to face him again only to have the urge to smother his smile with her lips. He was beautiful, and she missed the taste of him.
“It’s good to see you too.” He chuckled, “And there is no way I would have let you fall in. Hasn’t anyone ever told you that this is private property?”
She could tell by the glint in his eye he was only teasing, and she hated how easily he could make her smile. As if, she was eighteen all over again. “Ya, but you see, I used to know one of the owners of said property very well. I have many fond memories here, and I just had to see if it was as remarkable as I remembered it.”
“Well is it?” His face turned serious as he closed the distance between them.
With his closeness distracting her she whispered, “Is it what?”
Before she knew it his head was lowering and her breathing turned rapid. Be careful what you wish for. She could feel his breath against her and all she could think about was the taste of his lips on hers. Soft, plump, and delectable…
Author bio:
Author contact links:
Best wishes,
Jennifer Labelle

Guest Post: Top 5 Pinterest Tips for Authors by Kate Tilton

After Twitter, Pinterest is my favorite social media platform. The visual nature of Pinterest combined work. Follow these guidelines and you will see more activity on your Pinterest page, I promise.

with the audience make for a powerful platform for authors if used correctly. Here are some of the top tips I have learned and use that

  1. Do NOT create a board with less than five images. Boards with less than five images look unfinished, making your page look incomplete. This turns users away from following you! Instead, try creating secret boards. Secret boards are only viewable to you and you can later make them public when you have pinned at least five images to the board.
  1. Pin regularly.
    To increase your presence on Pinterest it is vital to be actively pinning. Although it may seem daunting to pin daily it can be done. I suggest users download the pin it button to their web browser and pin pictures from articles on the web as they go about the day. If you are already actively reading blogs and articles you’ll find that getting into the habit of pinning while you are reading will greatly increase your Pinterest activity. Also remember to pin content with value! If you read an article and found that it did not have much to offer skip pinning it. Only pin things you think your audience will find value in.
  1. Don’t overpin!
    It is important to pin daily but it is possible to overpin. Try posting three to five pins at a time to keep from filling up (and spamming) your followers home feed with pins. Remember, just like any other social media platform what you put out (pin) goes to everyone who follows you.
  1. Create boards with clear titles and descriptions.
    It is easy to want to come up with clever titles for your boards or to skip adding in a description, but both of these things will hurt you in the end. Make your titles clear so that users can easily see what each board offers. Use detailed descriptions with keywords to boast your SEO so more users can find you. Remember you need to show users what they get by following you on Pinterest. Make sure your boards offer value to others in order to get the most return from your Pinterest efforts.
  1. Create seasonal/hot topic boards.
    One of the easiest ways to gain more followers is to create seasonal/hot topic boards. These are boards like “Christmas Gift Ideas” that you create and feature at the top of your profile when Christmas is coming up. Generally food/recipes, party ideas, crafts, or other similar boards that focus on an upcoming holiday or big event (like the Superbowl) generate lots of traffic. Since people search these seasonal/hot topic terms looking for good content, make sure you stay ahead of the trends to see great account growth.
Have questions on Pinterest, social media, or publishing? I’d love to help you! You can connect with me by leaving a comment below or heading on over to my website Happy pinning!
About Kate Tilton:
Kate Tilton has been in love with books for as long as she can remember. Kate believes books saved her life and strives to repay authors for bringing books into the world by serving as a dependable author assistant. A cat-lover and fan of many geeky things, Kate can likely be found curled up with the latest Doctor Who episode, plotting world takeover, or assisting authors and readers in any way she can. Kate is also a self-proclaimed Twitter addict. You will find her hosting #K8chat, her own creation, every Thursday night on Twitter from 9-10pm Eastern.