Month: September 2014

Guest Post: Perseverance by Doug Solter

First, I would like to thank Billie for allowing me do a guest post on her blog. Today I want to share a personal story about perseverance. No, I’m not a life coach and I refuse to tell you any secrets about unlocking your true potential. But sometimes writers can’t see the end of the […]

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Interview: Norm Hamilton, author of From Thine Own Well

What inspired you to write your first book? Frustration with the Harper government in Canada was the catalyst forFrom Thine Own Well, a story of a dystopian Canadian future. They signed a 31 year agreement allowing Chinese corporations to sue Canadian governments should there be rules and regulations that hindered their profits. That motivation grew […]

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Twitter Twits: Are You Accidentally One?

Spam. Nobody likes it. Not even with eggs and peanut butter cups. And Twitter can be a confusing, high-trafficked site. Like the rest of social media, Twitter’s function is to be, you guessed it, social. Authors love (as they should) Twitter for reaching out to readers, connecting with authors and industry professionals, and building their […]

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IMAGE: Woman with blue eyes peeking over the top of a book.

How A Random Act of Kindness Gained Me A Fan

Dirty words are rarely considered good. Despite that, I use dirty words a lot. (To my mother’s dismay) There are few who can dispute that. The other day, there came an instance where the dirtiest words I have were my repayment for a true act of humanitarianism. And I couldn’t be prouder of the fact. […]

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New Release: Heart’s Last Chance by Kenzie Michaels/Molly Daniels

“How do you get your ideas?” “Are you a plotter or a pantser?” These are the two questions I’m asked the most and the easy answer to the first is simply, ‘Life’.  I’ve gotten ideas while shopping, waiting in the dentist chair, from news blurbs on the radio, and even from my own experiences. The […]

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Meaty Characters

Stories are easy. The world is full of millions and millions of tiny stories begging to be written. Settings are easy. The world is chocked full of scenes, places, and settings to choose. Twists; twists are easy. Have you ever known a story, one worth telling, that went exactly as planned? Of course not.  What’s […]

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Guest Post: Magic Will Happen by Norm Hamilton

Don’t give up on your manuscript before the magic happens. We’ve all heard about the writer who doesn’t trust his own ability, who thinks his material is insufficient, who wonders if or why anyone would read his work. I get that. No matter how many times I’m published or how many great reviews I get […]

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