Month: June 2015

Dog Park Mysteries Author, C.A. Newsome, on Eating Healthy on a Budget

I’m obsessed with food, as a way to combat fatigue resulting from a head injury many years ago. It shows up in my Dog Park Mysteries. My main character, starving artist Lia Anderson, shares my obsession. For her it’s a matter of eating healthy on a budget so she has enough energy for her projects […]

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The Real Women Who Built The West by Lori Beasley Bradley

When we see television shows and movies about the settlers moving west across the prairies, we are bombarded with nice respectable wives and mothers in conservative dresses and straw bonnets. That is so far from the truth. The first women to travel West were women practicing the oldest profession: prostitutes. The first traveled in cat-wagons. Wagons […]

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Wayne Manor Hip Hop Interview with Wes Cowan

Art is life. I’ve built a hashtag – #ArtIsLife – and a small social media blip around that premise. A lot of you know, for me at least, literature is my little corner of the art world. While an avid admirer of other forms of art, I been remiss to really branch into fields, other […]

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Unelmoija Paradox by Elle Boca

Amy and her friends uncover the cause of the disappearance of New Lyon, only to face their greatest challenge. Altering the past could mean the end of all humanity, while doing nothing could have dire consequences for those they love. Forced to risk everything and choose between the familiar and the unknown, even the Unelmoija […]

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