Month: August 2015

The Origins of a Dark and Suspenseful Urban Fantasy by The Felix Chronicles: Freshmen author R.T. Lowe

I drive to work. It takes me about an hour each way. Most people consider it a massive time suck, and for the most part I wouldn’t disagree, but all those hours alone with only the thoughts in my head triggered an idea. I started telling myself a story. The story took place on a […]

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Free Book Giveaway! 2 Print Books, A Touch of Darkness and Quixotic: Not Every Day Love Stories, from Author BC Brown

That’s right! I’m giving away 1 print copy of A Touch of Darkness (my urban fantasy novel) and 1 print copy of Quixotic: Not Every Day Love Stories (short story anthology) August 13, 2015-August 19, 2015.  Enter to win yours today!! a Rafflecopter giveaway Please follow and like us:

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My Pain Is Not For Sale: I Will Never Publish Sexual Assault by J.M. Bates

It is 1989 and I am four years old. I somehow survive a sexual assault. Terrible things happen to children all the time, and they are stronger than they look. Twenty-five years is a long time to heal from anything. In 1991, I am sitting in a sand box in my parents’ back yard by […]

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