Month: January 2017

Step-By-Step Self Publishing on Kindle: Getting Started

It’s all at the tip of your fingertips. You see it. Wealth, fame, and immortality. Your destiny is in your hands. It’s written on the proverbial page. Now all you have to do is get it from your hands and into the hands of others. As quickly as possible. Ta-da, Amazon Kindle’s instant gratification, self […]

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The Best/Worst of Phoenix Karaoke: The Break Room

Some may remember my previous article about karaoke and my (probable) addiction to the late-night past time. It’s time once more to delve into the tone deaf, overly dramatic world of spinning lights, unending alcohol, and Disco Duck-level celebrities.The Break RoomPhoenix, AZ3 VisitsPros: Food: The Break Room has excellent food. Standard bar menu, but deliciously made and […]

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