Month: May 2017

Photo: Notebook with checklist and hand checking off the list.

What To Do One Month Before Your Book Release

One month to go. You are almost there with a comprehensive pre-release strategy that will have your book come out of the proverbial gates a-swingin’ with the best book marketing strategy! To date we have broken down what to do each month leading up to your book’s launch date, including media kits and contact procedures, […]

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Step-By-Step Self Publishing on Kindle: Book Formatting

We’ve covered how to establish a Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) account and how to set your product pricing and royalties in the Getting Started post and we’ve talked in more detail about the individual product details in the Book Basics post. With all that great information, you’re ready to go, right? Except…wait, what is your product? If […]

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