A Day in Review…

Today I’ve chosen to post a few book reviews that I’ve done in an effort to bring more literature packed content to you, the reader! Plus, if you’re anything like me, you are an avid reader and quite possibly a word…um, fiend and are always looking for books. Some of these might be books you’ve never heard of, and others might be books you’ve seen advertised all over the place but have yet to enjoy a book review that invites you in to read them or tells you to run for cover and spend your money elsewhere.

I’ll include two book reviews in this post today. Both of these books are by authors that I know and would like to send a little promotion their way.

Author: Stephanie Johnson
Genre: Fantasy
Length: approx. 240 pages

Eveningshade, by emerging author Stephanie Johnson, is a classic fantasy tale between good and evil. Three human women – one raised a fairy princess, the other a goblin orphan, and the third a sorceress ruler – find themselves embroiled in an epic quest to stop an evil queen from the Territory of Men from destroying the Five Lands they call home. Johnson immediately sets the pace with this novel, wasting no time sweeping away the reader in the desperation of the situation as she unleashes Queen Aeola’s sinister army of men and orcs on the unsuspecting Five Lands. Her heroines – Morganna, Francesca, and Iceis – learn of a shared heritage from their guide and mentor, a unicorn named Meadowstar, and their possible involvement in the destruction of the evil queen and her forces.

Johnson shows talent for being able to draw her readers into both the militaristic aspects of this story and also relating the personal stories of the characters involved without catapulting from one extreme to another every time she switches track in the story line. Well-paced and well-thought out, Johnson has left a mark with her debut novel that is certain to have readers looking to see what this new author will come up with next.

Fortress of Darkness
Author: Patricia Perry
Genre: Fantasy
Length: 180 pages

The Fortress of Darkness by Patricia Perry is a visually stunning fantasy. Perry’s attention to detail with a thoughtful ease sets an easy current for this sweeping story line.

Evil is spreading throughout the fragmented lands, and the Races are too lost within their own suspicion of one another to heed the signs all around them. A woman in internal conflict with herself, Sara, has set herself on the path to defeating this evil, the Vox. Requiring the aid of others, she finds herself traveling with two men, one nomad and the other an elf, along the long and dangerous road that may lead to the land’s salvation. The question remains: Can they find unity in peoples who have taken comfort in solidarity, or are the lands intended to fall one by one like dominoes set in motion several hundred years in the past?

This tale washes over the reader in tidal waves of sensory pleasure. One is simultaneously drawn from desolate lands to lush forestry, a richness of description and plot that nearly leads to imagination overload. I was thrilled with every word upon the page and engrossed with the plot until the very last point of punctuation.

Both of these fantasy novels I enjoyed very much and wanted to share with the rest of you. I know for a fact that they are both available online at Amazon.com and various other sites online. I can’t guarantee that you’ll like these books as much as I did, but they are certainly worth a look.

Just remember: Keep Dreaming. Keep Reading.

B.C. Brown