BC’s Log: Limestone Comedy Festival

As a few know, the Doctor and I went on vacation June 6-9 in Bloomington, IN. at the first annual Limestone Comedy Festival. We had a blast!! The festival was put on in part by The Comedy Attic in Bloomington and featured Tig Notaro, Maria Bamford, Pete Holmes, and Doug Benson. Plus, there were tons of nationally-known and local comedians as well.

I’m not going to chat a bunch about what all we did, but I wanted to add some links regarding the places we went, where to find the people we saw (and usually met and hung out with), plus some other Bloomington stuff.

1) Tig Notaro – This woman has to be one of the funniest comedians out there today. She is a master of the awkward moment, and had me dying from asphyxiation in my chair!

2) Maria Bamford – A queen of voice talents, she has managed to take an extreme social anxiety and turn it in her favor. Many comedians poke fun of themselves but only she can take some truly dark clouds and find the funny silver linings!

3) Pete Holmes – One of my favorite comedians and podcasters (You Made It Weird), I was pleased as punch to do something quirky enough in the front row to catch eye while on stage. (Yep, I’m the “crotch shrug” as will be heard on the podcast for years to come! lol) By far one of the most outgoing and friendly people around. However, after Dining with Doug and Karen, I’m not sure if he’s allowed cookies from Baked of Bloomington anymore!

4) Doug Benson – Yes, you know him from his ultra-hit Super High Me, but this guy is a fantastic comedian and podcaster (Doug Loves Movies and Dining with Doug and Karen). I can also say he is great to hang out with at the after parties and such a super cool, down-to-earth kind of guy.

I came away from the festival with aching cheeks, a hitch in my side I’m fairly sure is permanent, and a had also met several “local” (as in hailing from the Chicago-land area) comedians that had me in stitches.

John Roy (Chicago) – Went to this man’s album launch and laughed so hard my PBR almost come out my nose. Then we were lucky enough to pick up the album, chill out and chat with this guy. (P.S. I can totally see the Mark Wahlberg thing, btw!)

(L-R – Geoff Tate, Me, Janelle James, & John Roy)

Janelle James (Chicago) – A storytelling comic, for sure. I enjoy a good joke, but I really love when a comedian can tell a story that makes me laugh just as hard as any punchline joke. (One of these days, when next I see you, Janelle, one of us will get to actually sing ‘You Oughta Know’ on stage, instead of just out in the crowd! lol)

Graham Elwood – A bouncing, twitching ball of in-your-face energy, we rocked out with him prior to his show on Saturday (or his recording with Doug Benson at the Movie Interruption!) at the live band karaoke event. I’ll admit I hadn’t heard him before then, but we’d signed up for his show and I’m super glad we did.

(Me and Graham Elwood)

Melinda Kashner (Bloomington) – A local Bloomington comedian, this woman was hysterical. I almost fell off my chair once during her time on stage and found myself having to grip the sides of the chair to keep from doing it multiple times. Afterward, at one of the VIP parties, I also found out how incredibly nice she is and very easy to talk to! (I am sad to report I did not get a picture with Melinda since our phones were dying.)

Places we fell in love with during our stay: The Bishop club; Roots restaurant; Max’s Place restaurant; Rachael’s Cafe; and The Back Door club. Also the Buskirk-Chumley Theatre is a great spot, beautiful, and host to many, many events!

Here are two prize possessions I acquired while in Bloomington:

Two more quick things to add to this blog and then I’ll shut up about my wonderful vacation. We were lucky enough to chat up the owner of The Back Door during the VIP party Saturday night, and she told us about the fem-punk band that was going to be there the following night on Sunday si we decided to stay over and WOW! I’m glad we did. Cutting Room Floor was phenomenal, and we were all glad we did. Their opener, Garrett Walters, was also really great. And I love how Garrett did the entire opening down on the dance floor with the crowd. (Slightly, and to my embarrassment, I didn’t remember that Garrett had been our server that morning at Rachael’s Cafe. But, in my defense, I was coming down off a three-day hangover!)

As an extra special treat, I recorded both Cutting Room Floor and Garrett Walters as an enticement to go check out their music. You won’t be sorry you did. (I’m sorry. But I can not get the video of Cutting Room Floor to upload properly. Follow the link above to their Bandcamp page, or see the video as I uploaded it to Facebook www.facebook.com/bcbrown  – Again, sorry.)

 (Garrett Walters)