Let’s Be Better Humans

We all strive for purpose and understanding, to hear and to be heard, to see and to be seen, to leave this world a better place than we found it. “Let’s Be Better Humans” is a reminder that we exist for one another, that we can make difference and help bring a return to human dignity. In short, we are a revolution in love and humanity.

The Southwest Institute of Healing Arts has provided our project the gift of a “Magic Bus” and in this contribution, a broader purpose. Our “Let’s Be Better Humans” message is a simple, but profound statement that hopes to inspire, motivate and produce change.

This rolling piece of humanity is used weekly to deliver food, water, clothing, and other essential items to the less fortunate. Further, our initiative has participated in peaceful actions against deportation, bigotry, and isolationism. We stand proudly with our friends from Planned Parenthood, the LGBTQ, Native American, Muslim and communities from every race, creed and color. This campaign in compassion embraces the idea of bridges over walls and has graciously demonstrated help for our neighbors across a southern border. This humble movement asks that you join us hand-in-hand as we work tirelessly to give a voice to the downtrodden and silenced.

Let’s Be Better Humans is a registered 501C-3. Your donations are not only tax-deductible but will help us help someone in need.

Together we can make a difference.

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