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CoSchedule, An Honest Review

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Blog marketing done right!

Content is the name of the game in today’s marketing world. No matter the product, having a blog is perhaps the easiest and fastest way of ensuring visibility in front of the consumers you want. While managing a blog is relatively easy, maintaining a consistent and variable blog marketing calendar is another matter. Enter CoSchedule, a blog automation tool for blog marketing ease. CoSchedule is as close to set it and forget it as one can get in today’s blog marketing world.

As a freelance marketing consultant and editor, and a published author, in addition to my nonprofit work, my day consists of so many hats and projects that ensuring smooth delivery of content is imperative. I spent several years trying various automation platforms to schedule my content for dissemination, and each did an adequate job of pieces that I needed. However, there wasn’t one particular tool that did everything. I needed: grab, cycle, rinse and repeat, schedule and switch-up with all of the social media channels available and task management and task lists.

How I found CoSchedule.

Then I participated in a #bookmarketingchat on Twitter with Bad Redhead Media social media marketing expert and author, Rachel Thompson. Hosted every Wednesday night, Rachel tackles the world of book and social media marketing with a live chat aimed at helping others by sharing her years of trial-and-error marketing experience. The particular night’s discussion centered on blog content. Rachel shared with readers one of her secrets to timely content released across her various social media channels: CoSchedule. Once I tried the free trial, I was hooked.

What it’s done for me.

CoSchedule had everything I needed to make sure my blog content was consistently in front of consumers, as well as being able to manage and maintain lists for specific content I wanted scheduled that wasn’t strictly related to my blog.  I especially love the feature that allows me to keep the post content I’ve been using, to maintain the awesome SEO headlines I’ve created, but change up the associated image with a saved image gallery.

For an idea of how the service has helped me, I clocked how maintaining my blog distribution using the myriad of other services I have vs. using CoSchedule. In two hours I was able to create two weeks worth of distribution on various platforms. With CoSchedule, I was able to create an entire month and a half of content, sorted by lists and cross-referenced with each other to ensure maximum visibility.

The cost of convenience.

Admittedly, the sticker price of $49 a month initially made me wince. It was more than I preferred to spend on one marketing source each month, in addition to my other paid marketing efforts, but the immediate results of streamlining my blog content distribution soon leapfrogged me beyond the sticker price. CoSchedule also helped by offering incentives, discounts for referring others for their service and, yes, also if you’re willing to write an honest review of their service. Which is one reason I chose to write this post today, as well as share my experience with CoSchedule.


I encourage anyone who would like to streamline all of their blog content and distribution on one platform to try CoSchedule’s free service. If so inclined, please use my referral code to save me a buck. But even if you don’t use my code, try CoSchedule for yourself. You’ll find it will take a lot off your blog marketing plate to free you up for other tasks like writing your next blog.

BC Brown grew up in Vincennes, Indiana, and moved to Phoenix, Arizona, in 2013. She started blogging in 2006 about one year before publishing her first fantasy novel under the pen name B.B. Walter.

After committing nearly every bad deed in the proverbial book of how to be an author, BC began studying marketing and public relations. She now provides common sense marketing for authors that is simple to implement. She continues to write and publish in the urban fantasy, contemporary fiction, and transgressive fiction genres (see more).

She set up Fantastically Weird Media in 2010 to publish her second novel when she realized she wanted to independently control her own publishing as well as offer editing and marketing services to fellow writers. You can interact with BC online via her blog at www.bcbrownbooks.com on Facebook; http://www.facebook.com/BCBrowns.Books and Twitter @BCBrownBooks or Instagram @BCBrownBooks