When Blogging Duties Meet Real Life

Naturally I said, two months ago, I’d remember to blog on a more regular basis. And, par for the course, I haven’t followed through. Don’t think, little darlings, that I haven’t been thinking about you; I have. My schedule however has been something of a nightmare.

As many people know, on a personal note, The Doctor and I are planning to move soon to the glorious sun-baked sands of Arizona. Yes, I will be depriving the Midwest of my venerable talents and presence. And, yes, I am aware that many of you are shedding crocodile tears for the loss – right this moment. Go on; I’ll wait until the emotion passes.

All done? Good.

With our impending move, and with the TARDIS still in repair, we will have to go about traveling the old, 21st Earth Century way – Ford Focus. Leading up to that venture, we’re breaking out the monastic on ourselves and eliminating everything except the barest basics – dogs, car, bicycles, clothing, and recording equipment, plus laptops. This has left us with emptying out a two-bedroom apartment with full basement and garage and enough belongings to easily fill a place two- to three-times as large. Not an easy feat.

Thus a schedule already jammed with writing schedule, recording schedule, two jobs with overtime, plus second jobs for extra money, and all the personal stuff that seems to creap up day to day is being taxed by more planning, organization, and execution.

So what gets left by the wayside? *holds up a mirror to you* Um, you should probably brush your hair already by the way. Teeth too.

Admittedly my blogging duties are one of the first things I trim when I have an excess of work to perform and never enough hours in the day to do it.
The Doctor refuses to let me use the TARDIS for personal work gain. He is so persnickety at times! 

The good news is that, when I am forced to take a break when I hadn’t truly wanted to, my brain is in overtime to come up with interesting articles to put out later  – thus the beauteous beginning of a burgeoning backlog are born! Trust me, a backlog for a writer is ALWAYS a fantastic thing. And a sun-baked writer lounging on the sands of new soils in new places on new horizons…?  FANTASTICO!!!

So now that you know the particulars of why I’ve been lapse in my blogging duties, I hope you will forgive me my little sabbatical after sabbatical’s end. And if not…?