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Are You Hurting Your Book Sales? Probably.

What is a brand? Many authors and entrepreneurs think a product is the same as a brand. Each businessperson starts pushing out products as soon as they have one available. But they’ve already committed a heinous crime in marketing: they should have launched a brand months before they had a product ready to hit the market. […]

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Author’s Book Marketing Guide: Month 3 Pre-Release

Let’s get ready to rumble! Okay, we’ve covered what to do in months 6, 5, and 4 prior to book release. We’re halfway toward your release day. In this post you should start to see all the hard work you’ve put in so far pay off. This month, we’ll focus on:  Website content creation Blogging […]

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A.D.D. and Writing: 3 Tips to Using A.D.D. Toward Productivity

It is estimated that nearly 11% of children between the ages of 4-17 years suffers from Attention Deficit Disorder (A.D.D.). Approximately 4% of adults also suffer from a disorder that can cause impulsivity, distractibility, disorganization, restlessness, emotional outbursts. Writing is a pursuit that requires a great deal of organization and focus. So juggling A.D.D. as […]

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How To Create Book Buzz 4 Months BEFORE Your Release Date

The importance of perception. So far we’ve broken down the book marketing process by Month 6 and Month 5 prior to publication date. In this post we discuss what steps need to take in the fourth month before your book is published. During this post, we will discuss the importance of perception in creating book buzz […]

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Random Rant 99: Vegas

Without life experiences, with very few exceptions made, the things an author writes, well, plain sucks. Now I’m one of those homebody types of writers. My favorite thing is to stay home, read a book, write a book, or watch a movie. But, let’s face it, after a while I’d have nothing to say. Like […]

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Vaginas and Writing

Vaginas and writing: Is it important to know a #writer is a woman? This subject has hit home for me several times in my writing career. I’m often immediately confronted with “Do you write romance/erotica?” when I talk about my writing. And while my first book has a heavy romantic element, the rest of my […]

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Revenge Writing And You

Emotion is one of the most powerful motivators for writers. Every feeling we process can become the catalyst for a story. An old belief is that an artist must suffer to produce truly great art. There’s a lot of truth to that statement. But there is a more powerful emotion that often drives artists – […]

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4 Simple Writer Mistakes

Writer’s Block Blues Writer’s block is a myth. Writers write. Writer’s block is most often chalked up to laziness on the part of the writer. Or boredom. There’s always boredom. If you do find your motivation lacking when it comes to your writing, stay calm and don’t panic. But do worry. Writers write. The definition […]

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Dark Fantasy – How Much Is Too Much?

Fantasy. In my opinion, it’s probably one of the most written genres in literature (next to science fiction). Romance stories have touches of fantasy built in, general fiction seems to have it too these days, and, of course, historical fiction is rife with it. Lately (and fortunately for me since I like to both read […]

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Treading Twitter – Why Hashtags?

#Everyone #has #gone #hashtag #crazy! #Hashtags #are #everywhere #we #look. #What #does #it #all #mean?I fielded this very question the other day from a confused acquaintance trying to figure out the importance of hashtags and how to use Twitter. As a matter of fact, his exact wording was “I don’t use Twitter. I don’t get […]

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