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Author’s Book Marketing Guide: Month 2 Pre-Release

The countdown is getting close! Are you able to breathe? Hopefully with the homework we’ve laid out in Months 6, 5, 4, 3 of the pre-release plan, the only nervousness you feel is the excitement of your new book almost ready for a booming and successful start! This month is all about “priming the pump” […]

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Author’s Book Marketing Guide: Month 3 Pre-Release

Let’s get ready to rumble! Okay, we’ve covered what to do in months 6, 5, and 4 prior to book release. We’re halfway toward your release day. In this post you should start to see all the hard work you’ve put in so far pay off. This month, we’ll focus on:  Website content creation Blogging […]

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The Writer’s Pack: Flagstaff Arizona

Writing is…ruff.And sometimes all a writer needs a little headspace adjustment to get over the obstacle that is “being a writer.” For me, nothing works better than pulling myself bodily up a mountainside with my canines: one plowing forward and blazing the trail, and the other nestled comfortably in her baby carrier modified sling. An […]

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Step-By-Step Self Publishing on Kindle: Book Basics

Book creation is as easy at 1, 2, 3. We talked about foundation of your Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) adventure in my previous post Step-By-Step Self Publishing on Kindle: Getting Started. This week, we’re talking about individual projects and the steps needed to getting a finalized product on the digital market. You’ll go through this […]

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IMAGE: Woman with blue eyes peeking over the top of a book.

How To Create Book Buzz 4 Months BEFORE Your Release Date

The importance of perception. So far we’ve broken down the book marketing process by Month 6 and Month 5 prior to publication date. In this post we discuss what steps need to take in the fourth month before your book is published. During this post, we will discuss the importance of perception in creating book buzz […]

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The Best/Worst of Phoenix Karaoke: Bridgett’s Last Laugh

Karaoke Queen back at you again with another local karaoke joint right here in Phoenix, Arizona. Bridgett’s Last Laugh, like the other two places I’ve written about previously here and here, is one of the 7-nights-a-week karaoke bars the metro Phoenix area has to offer. Let’s get down to it.Pros: Food. Bridgett’s has one of the best […]

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5 More Steps to Shopping Thrift Stores

It’s cool to be cheap.Especially in today’s “hipster” culture of upcycling, vintage revival, and shabby-chic. I have been dubbed by many of my friends to be the Queen of Thrift Store shopping. While I don’t think I’m queenly in my thrift shopping, I freely admit that I am damned good at it. As a matter […]

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Step-By-Step Self Publishing on Kindle: Getting Started

It’s all at the tip of your fingertips. You see it. Wealth, fame, and immortality. Your destiny is in your hands. It’s written on the proverbial page. Now all you have to do is get it from your hands and into the hands of others. As quickly as possible. Ta-da, Amazon Kindle’s instant gratification, self […]

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The Best/Worst of Phoenix Karaoke: The Break Room

Some may remember my previous article about karaoke and my (probable) addiction to the late-night past time. It’s time once more to delve into the tone deaf, overly dramatic world of spinning lights, unending alcohol, and Disco Duck-level celebrities.The Break RoomPhoenix, AZ3 VisitsPros: Food: The Break Room has excellent food. Standard bar menu, but deliciously made and […]

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Of All The Gin Joints… 414! Pizza & Pub

I love it. I practically live it. Hell, I have my own hashtag for it. #RokeQueen (Although I am known by my nickname “B.B.” at most karaoke places.)For someone like me with progressive hearing loss (hence the #DeafGirl), karaoke is the ONLY way I’m able to indulge my love of singing with my love of […]

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