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Tips for a Successful Book Signing or Convention

Why book signings and conventions are vital. Nothing is better than face-to-face advertising. Signings are the “executive seminars” of the book world, putting your book in front of the CEO of corporate buying – the avid reader. Conventions are the “trade shows” of the publishing world, getting your book in front of marketing coordinators – […]

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How To Create Book Buzz 4 Months BEFORE Your Release Date

The importance of perception. So far we’ve broken down the book marketing process by Month 6 and Month 5 prior to publication date.┬áIn this post we discuss what steps need to take in the fourth month before your book is published. During this post, we will discuss the importance of perception in creating book buzz […]

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Dazed & CON-Fused Pt. 1

June was a whirlwind. With the release of my latest paranormal novel, A TOUCH OF MADNESS, and the e-release of it’s predecessor, A TOUCH OF DARKNESS, I was launched into full promotion mode. This means blog tours, local festivals, and conventions. While the concept of blog tours is known to me, I can state this […]

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