A black and white photo with a woman, smiling, her hands over her ears. She is wearing heart-shaped sunglasses. She is leaning against a rough stone wall.

How Deaf Doesn’t Mean What You Think It Means

Hello, My name is #DeafGirl. Prepare to learn. I am Deaf. But I can hear. At least, I can hear some frequencies, slightly muted, about 50% of the time with my Lyric hearing aid implants (inner ear canal implants that are inserted by a doctor quarterly) and about 30% of the time, muted and choppy, […]

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Random Rant 70: #DeafGirl Issues (pt Tres)

A little while back (and even more a little while back before that) I posted about issues I run into as a #DeafGirl (or hearing impaired person). I mentioned how inaccurate closed captioning was a big pet peeve of mine (you can read it here) and how people continuing to try to talk to me […]

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Random Rant 145: #DeafGirl Issues (pt Dos)

A little while back I posted about some issues that, as a #DeafGirl (or hearing impaired), annoy the crap out of me. The first one was inaccurate closed captioning, and it can be read here. In the same article however I mentioned I have a second issue I frequently run into amongst the land of […]

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Random Rant 155: #DeafGirl Issues (pt Uno)

There are many annoying things about being a #DeafGirl. I miss my favorite music. I miss not being able to hear new music the way it actually sounds, but only how my hearing aids interpret it. I miss being able to jump into a swimming pool without concern of destroying $5Gs worth of hardware, or […]

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