IMAGE: Dark background, silhouette of woman with long hair, pin points of white stage lights with streaking green lights encircling the woman while she sings karaoke.

Karaoke Reviews: Monkey Pants Bar & Grill

Monkey Pants Bar & Grill Karaoke Bar Review. 3223 South Mill Ave. Tempe, AZ 85282 NE Corner Mill/Southern {480}377-8100 Karaoke Days: Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday from 8 pm-2 am (website – facebook) Always confirm days/hours. Atmosphere: Monkey Pants Bar & Grill atmosphere on karaoke nights is a laidback, entertaining event. With a separate stage, microphone, […]

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Karaoke Reviews: Bridgett’s Last Laugh

Karaoke Queen back at you again with another local karaoke joint right here in Phoenix, Arizona. Bridgett’s Last Laugh, like the other two places I’ve written about previously here and here, is one of the 7-nights-a-week karaoke bars the metro Phoenix area has to offer. Let’s get down to it.Pros: Food. Bridgett’s has one of the best […]

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Karaoke Reviews: The Breakroom

Some may remember my previous article about karaoke and my (probable) addiction to the late-night past time. It’s time once more to delve into the tone deaf, overly dramatic world of spinning lights, unending alcohol, and Disco Duck-level celebrities.The Break RoomPhoenix, AZ3 VisitsPros: Food: The Break Room has excellent food. Standard bar menu, but deliciously made and […]

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Karaoke Reviews: 414! Pizza & Pub

I love it. I practically live it. Hell, I have my own hashtag for it. #RokeQueen (Although I am known by my nickname “B.B.” at most karaoke places.)For someone like me with progressive hearing loss (hence the #DeafGirl), karaoke is the ONLY way I’m able to indulge my love of singing with my love of […]

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