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Blog Marketing: CoSchedule, An Honest Review

Blog marketing done right! Content is the name of the game in today’s marketing world. No matter the product, having a blog is perhaps the easiest and fastest way of ensuring visibility in front of the consumers you want. While managing a blog is relatively easy, maintaining a consistent and variable marketing calendar is another […]

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7 Ways to Get More Exposure on Social Media Daily

“I don’t know how to get people to see my [fill in the product] on social media.” Nope. Sorry. I cut off anyone who starts a lament to social media with this phrase. Especially authors. There are dozens of ways daily to gain exposure on social media. Not just from fellow writers (although don’t discount them […]

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Author’s Book Marketing Guide: Month 3 Pre-Release

Let’s get ready to rumble! Okay, we’ve covered what to do in months 6, 5, and 4 prior to book release. We’re halfway toward your release day. In this post you should start to see all the hard work you’ve put in so far pay off. This month, we’ll focus on:  Website content creation Blogging […]

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Get It Right: Social Media For Authors

The world is digital. Short of an apocalypse scenario, there is no going back. Authors who don’t utilize social media marketing to promote their writing will become extinct. But there is a fine line between using social media and using social media well to market.Hard Vs. SoftIf you know anything about marketing, there are two types of selling: […]

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Guest Post: Author Do’s by Neva Rodriquez

With Thanks The one thing that I am truly thankful for in selecting an online publisher (or them selecting me rather), is the gigantic push for me to establish my web presence.  Without daily entries to various forms of social media, I would not have been selected.  I was ever so hesitant to sign up […]

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Twitter Twits: Are You Accidentally One?

Spam. Nobody likes it. Not even with eggs and peanut butter cups. And Twitter can be a confusing, high-trafficked site. Like the rest of social media, Twitter’s function is to be, you guessed it, social. Authors love (as they should) Twitter for reaching out to readers, connecting with authors and industry professionals, and building their […]

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An Indie with Reviews?!

“As an indie author, it’s hard to get people to review your book.”  This is one of the most reiterated statements I hear from other authors.  And it Simply. Isn’t. True.The self-pubbed world of literature has literally EXPLODED in the last one- to two-years thanks to success stories like Amanda Hocking.  What used to be […]

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Guest Post: How-To Authoring, Barb Drozdowich & Babs Hightower

What is Sharing and why do you need to encourage it? I’d like to thank BC Brown for inviting me to share some thoughts today! My name is Barb Drozdowich and I teach WordPress and work with authors on a daily basis to help them understand the technical aspects of Book Promotion.  Today I thought […]

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T.V. Stardom, Baby!

Exposure. (Mind out of the gutter, perv!) In the marketing world, exposure is what everyone is seeking. Often getting the right kind of exposure is debatable. But the fact that we need for people to know we, and our writing, exist is imperative. As writers, what do we do to achieve this? We blog; we […]

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