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Be Right Back

Some of you may have noticed, I’ve not been active on my blog in the last few weeks. The main reason? My general fiction novel, Karaoke Jane, is gearing up for release, and I’m hard at work making sure it’s utterly amazing for you. Bear with me just a bit longer. The words have gotten …

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BC’s Log: Vegas

Without life experiences, with very few exceptions made, the things an author writes, well, plain sucks. Now I’m one of those homebody types of writers. My favorite thing is to stay home, read a book, write a book, or watch a movie. But, let’s face it, after a while I’d have nothing to say. Like …

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BC’s Log: Stay-cation

I am a nose-to-the-grindstone person. Don’t get me wrong; I’m inherently lazy. I go to great lengths to ensure my leisure time. But I was raised by a workaholic, single mother who maintained a spotless house, kept matters well in hand, and never missed a day of work unless she was hospitalized. I’m not that …

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Resolutions Be Damned

New Year’s. And those damned resolutions. A new year. The first day in what is supposed to be a promising opportunity to change your ways, do something positive with yourself or your life, really buckle down and focus on what is important to you. We all make them – resolutions. Even when we promise ourselves …

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