“Lets eat grandma.” and “Let’s eat, Grandma.” are different things, people; really they are. A good writer encourages experimentation with words. Experimentation leads to discovery and evolution. Plus, it makes things fun. That said, a good writer should abhor loosey-goosey play with punctuation however. Rarely anything gets my goat more (except maybe spelling but that can be forgiven to a …

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Good Samaritans

  Most people know that I prefer to blog about writing and writing related news/topics. Every so often, however, something from my regular life – my non-author life – creeps up and smacks me in the head. It’s rarely poignant, insightful, or even necessary to make such notations or commentations. But that doesn’t stop me.   …

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Just in case everyone (anyone? O.o) hasn’t noticed, I’ve decided to take one of my “breaks” from blogging.  This can often last a short duration or a ridiculously long one but, since I promised not too long ago in a blog post to not just up and vanish for months on end without so much …

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