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A Tribute to Leonard Nimoy

Many, many, many, manymanymanymanymany people know I am an avid ‘Star Trek’ fan. Whether it’s original series or the newly rebooted movies, I am a Trekker (or ‘Trekkie’ depending on which term you prefer). I recall how, at the age of 6 while watching an episode of original series on re-run, I turned and said …

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Nerd Cred, A Follow Up

Once upon a time, some months ago, I blogged about something critically vital to me – my Nerd Cred. Now, if you aren’t aware (and how could that possibly be since every word I type is of vital national importance), I am one serious geek. I’m a tabletop roleplay, cosplay, conventioneer, sci-fi/fantasy, bookworm, space-loving, dweeb. However, …

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Nerd Cred

I pride myself on my geek stature. I am, unabashedly, in love with dice-chucking, card-flipping, miniature-pushing, sci-fi/fantasy con-ing geekiness. I can quote Trek and Wars; understand and recognize Klingon and Elvish and have learned Chinese slang from Firefly; own at least two costumes from at least 2 different sci-fi or fantasy series; can name every …

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“Lets eat grandma.” and “Let’s eat, Grandma.” are different things, people; really they are. A good writer encourages experimentation with words. Experimentation leads to discovery and evolution. Plus, it makes things fun. That said, a good writer should abhor loosey-goosey play with punctuation however. Rarely anything gets my goat more (except maybe spelling but that can be forgiven to a …

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