PEEK-A-BOO(K) – Molly Daniels, Balancing Act

In a “best foot forward” kind of effort, I’m starting a… “PEEK-A-BOO(K)” Day!  This would be a once or twice a month showing of fellow writer-buddies.  Indie authors get to wear those giant Cat-In-Hat-style hats; you know, the ones with all the different stripes and colors that are three-stories tall.  Well, most of these authors, are …

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There is little else more satisfying, more orgasmic to a writer than finishing a novel – unless it’s releasing said novel to an anxious fan base.  So I am happy to announce the May 15th release of my long awaited, paranormal novel (2nd in the Abigail St. Michael series)… A TOUCH OF MADNESS Abbey St. Michael, …


Give A Fracas, Short Story Anthology

Not for the faint of heart. Glorious Bastards Press has released Fracas: A Collection of Short Friction, an anthology of transgressive fiction, that includes one of my short stories, Killing Innocence.  **I’m so excited, I could just…spit!** Dafuq is Transgressive Fiction? Transgressive fiction is everything publishers display prominently on their websites that they won’t accept …

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