Dog Park Mysteries Author, C.A. Newsome, on Eating Healthy on a Budget

Im obsessed with food, as a way to combat fatigue resulting from a head injury many years ago. It shows up in my Dog Park Mysteries. My main character, starving artist Lia Anderson, shares my obsession. For her its a matter of eating healthy on a budget so she has enough energy for her

projects and doesnt waste time being sick. Shes tried many things, though shes not militant about a strict diet. She and her beau, Detective Peter Dourson, have a dont ask, dont tell policy about his Pepsi addiction.

To date, Lias main rule is to eat some raw food every day. A raw food diet is very healthy, but it can be labor intensive, especially if you get into dehydrating. A 100% raw food diet is not workable for most busy people on a budget. A 50% raw food diet is doable.

Many very inexpensive foods are nutritional powerhouses. Lentils and other beans, oatmeal, canned tuna, cabbage, apples, Kale, avocado, eggs, bananas, and garlic, are a few. Turmeric and ginger are inexpensive if you buy them in bulk, and they are valuable superfoods. I do my best to get ½ tsp ginger and 1 tsp turmeric in my diet every day. I also take stinging nettle tea and raw cacao powder.

Dark greens are essential. Right now everyones darling is baby kale. This is lovely, tender stuff, but you can pack in more nutrition per dollar if you buy bags of chopped, full-grown kale. Just run your blender a little longer, and your green smoothie will be just fine. And a $60 Oster will do the job as well as a $400 Vita-mix.

The trouble with healthy, inexpensive food is, you have to fix it. So youre running late, you dash out the door and your car gets sucked in by the nearest drive-through. Again. Meanwhile, all that lovely kale is rotting in the vegetable crisper.

The more processed and convenient food is, the more expensive it is. That quick dash into a convenience store for a cup of coffee every day winds up costing you more than a months worth of coffee made at home AND a pound of spirulina powder, or two pounds of cacao.

I keep a case of bottled water in the trunk of my car and I always have a supply of mixed nuts on hand. I make my own mix of pecans, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, roasted almonds, and dried, tart cherries. That way, I always have something healthy on hand.

There are plenty of designer diets, and they all work for some people. The interesting thing is the most popular have this in common: They prohibit sugar (Especially soft drinks. Instead of satisfying, sugar just makes you want more of whatever. Which is why its in so many processed foods.). They all prohibit refined grains. Some prohibit wheat and corn, and some limit all grains (Surprised? Why do you think they feed grain to cattle? Because it makes them fat. Grains are also implicated in brain fog.). Milk products are also a no-no, though yogurt is an exception.

I gave up wheat, milk and corn this year, and I traded coffee for chicory and green tea, almond milk lattes. I suspect Lia is going to follow suit. And shell never feel better.

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C. A. Newsome is an author and painter living in Cincinnati with a pair of former street

urchins named Shadda and Chewbacca Wonderpup. They can be found every morning at the Mount Airy Dog Park.

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