Give A Fracas, Short Story Anthology

Not for the faint of heart.

Glorious Bastards Press has released Fracas: A Collection of Short Friction, an anthology of transgressive fiction, that includes one of my short stories, Killing Innocence**I’m so excited, I could just…spit!**

Dafuq is Transgressive Fiction?

Transgressive fiction is everything publishers display prominently on their websites that they won’t accept for submission.  Yep, it’s every dirty little idea or notion, act or performance, that most people won’t admit to loving and can’t shove in their faces fast enough. Fracas: A Collection of Short Friction is the really-real stories of people – no glitter, no glam; nothing dressed up nicely or tied into a pretty little bow. Basic bitches will hate it. So that’s why we wrote it.

Can’t get enough of Chuck Palahniuk or Hubert Selby? Want edgy stories that mirror true life, a read that makes you say “Yeah, that’s how it really is”, and writers who don’t just feed you whatever is “popular” or “trending?”  The Fracas anthology is real life in all its techni-fucking-color. Pick up a copy of Fracas: A Collection of Short Friction today.

GBP’s fine list of coarse authors include:

Joe Schwartz
Garrette Calcaterra
J. Travis Grundon
Chance Chambers
Todd Theroff
Leslee Marie Schaffer 
James M. Bowers
John F.D. Taff
Scott Lefebvre
Edited by Stacy Bowers and J. Travis Grundon with cover model Kitsie Duncan

Image of a redheaded woman in a black leather jacket. She has her hands held up in the American Sign Language sign for 'I love you.'BC Brown is the author of four novels and has participated in multiple short story anthologies. Having committed almost every ‘bad deed’ in the book of How To Be An Author, she now strives to educate others through humor and simple instruction, as well as use her celebrity to advocate for others.

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