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Guest Post: How-To Authoring, Barb Drozdowich & Babs Hightower

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What is Sharing and why do you need to encourage it?
I’d like to thank BC Brown for inviting me to share some thoughts today! My name is Barb Drozdowich and I teach WordPress and work with authors on a daily basis to help them understand the technical aspects of Book Promotion. 
Today I thought I’d talk about Sharing. This is a topic that comes up frequently in my interaction with authors.
Authors love to get comments on their blog posts – don’t we all? Comments are lovely! I often see comments encouraged in blog tours that are posted on my blog as well as others. In the big scheme of things, however, comments are not very important. Sharing is hugely important. Sharing buttons are those little icons that sit at the top or bottom of post or maybe float along the side. Ideally, they have icons for every social media platform known to man. 
It’s your job to create great content that your readers want to share with their friends and followers. I don’t care if you don’t have a Stumbleupon account. Maybe your readers do and that’s where they want to share. You just need to make the content interesting and easy to share.  You want your readers to share your post on Twitter, on Facebook, on Stumbleupon and on whatever other social media accounts they favor.
Easy, right? 
So why do I think that sharing is more important than comments?  Because Google thinks that sharing is more important than comments. Although readers will find your blog from many sources, some will find you from a Google search. You want to do everything that you can to make your blog rank as high as possible in a Google search. Think about it – most people will only look through the first few pages of a Google search. So, you want to be on one of those first few pages.
Understanding some of the technical aspects to promoting your books is challenging for many authors. Authors write beautiful stories – that’s what they do really well! You wouldn’t hesitate to take a writing course or go to a workshop. Likewise, don’t waste your valuable writing time wrestling with technical issues; ask for help. 
Bio: Social Media and WordPress Consultant Barb Drozdowich has taught at Colleges and Universities, trained technical personnel in the banking industry and, most recently, used her expertise to help dozens of authors develop the social media platform needed to succeed in today’s fast evolving publishing world. She owns Bakerview Consulting and manages the popular Romance Book blog, Sugarbeat’s Books. Barb has published 4 books specifically to help authors understand some of the technical issues that they come up against when promoting their books.
Barb can be found: 
Bakerview Consulting (Business Site) http://bakerviewconsulting.com
Barb Drozdowich (Author Site) http://barbdrozdowich.com
Sugarbeat’s Books (Book Blog) http://sugarbeatsbooks.com
How bloggers like to be approached.
Book review bloggers do a lot of reviews and get a ton of request each day from various authors, publicists, assistants and publishers.   Each of who want their emails looked at in hopes of a new review.  What about the blogger and what they want?


A blogger wants respect.  They started their blog for a reason and not all want a free book.  Most are to help the author promote their work.  There are several ways to get your email deleted; one of the quickest is a form letter in the email.  They are very easy to spot as there no personalization.  You are taking the time to email the blogger for a review, why not take the time to look at their blog.  You had to get their name / email from somewhere.  A blogger wants to feel as if you too the time to go to their blog, look around, read their review policy if they have one and get their name.  


Another way to get an email deleted is getting our name wrong or better yet not using a name and just calling us “Dear Blogger”.  Most of us will not read the email. We know then you never came to our blog or even looked at our review policy.  This is like a slap in the face and why would we want to read anything you are offering?


When you request a review, make sure it is what we read.  There is a reason we all have a review policy on our blog.  We each read different things and you want the right reviewer for you book.  Nothing makes us more irritated then receiving a request for a book in a genre we do not read.  You would like the right people to review and we would like the right books to read.  


Bloggers want to help authors get their name out and help promote their latest work.  To do this we need the right authors and the authors need the right bloggers.  You want to get your book out to the right audience to sale more.  It’s a win-win for us all to have the right people in place.
Bio: Babs has been helping authors since 2000. She owns a book review blog Babs Book Bistro which got her started in PR and helping authors promote themselves. In 2012 she started working for Entangled Publishing and worked her way up to Publicity Director over the Scandalous Imprint. She is a publicist for World Castle Publishing. She is also known as Morgan Kincaid writer of Historical Romance.
Babs can be found: 
 Babs Book Bistro website: http://www.babsbookbistro.net
 Babs Hightower PR website: http://www.babshightowerpr.com

 Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/babsbookbistro

Do you feel out of your comfort zone when dealing with book bloggers? They are the New Gatekeepers to book publishing success – but how can you tap into that source of free promotions by putting your best foot forward?
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About BC Brown

BC Brown grew up in Vincennes, Indiana, and moved to Phoenix, Arizona, in 2013. She started blogging in 2006, approximately one year before publishing her first fantasy novel under the pen name B.B. Walter (out of print).

After committing nearly every bad deed in the proverbial book of how to be an author, BC began studying marketing and public relations. She now provides common sense marketing for authors that is simple to implement. She continues to write and publish in the urban fantasy, contemporary fiction, and transgressive fiction genres.

She set up Fantastically Weird Media in 2010 to publish her second novel when she realized she wanted to independently control her own publishing as well as offer editing and marketing services to fellow writers. You can interact with BC online, on Facebook, on Twitter and on Instagram.

In addition to her writing and marketing career, BC has been the Director of Marketing and Communications for 3 nonprofit Arizona organizations, and the Manager of Digital Marketing for the Arizona Department of Education. She is a certified in Crisis Communications as a Public Information Officer and is active in local and state political advocacy groups for human rights.

BC has more than 15 years experience in sales and marketing, including owning and running 2 businesses in Indiana and Illinois. She lives with her partner and is claimed by a German Shepherd mix and a long-haired black cat. BC loves karaoke and Star Trek and hates coffee and coconut.

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