Karaoke Reviews: The Breakroom

Some may remember my previous article about karaoke and my (probable) addiction to the late-night past time. It’s time once more to delve into the tone deaf, overly dramatic world of spinning lights, unending alcohol, and Disco Duck-level celebrities.

The Break Room
Phoenix, AZ
3 Visits


  • Food: The Break Room has excellent food. Standard bar menu, but deliciously made and quickly served;
  • Beer: I don’t drink much, but I did enjoy a basic shot of tequila on one visit and PBR on the other two visits. Inexpensive, cold, and served quickly;
  • Staff: Friendly bartenders, easy on the eyes, who don’t hover or pester;
  • Atmosphere: The Break Room’s clientele is friendly and outgoing, happy to chat randomly with strangers and invite them to play a game of pool.
  • Karaoke: I’m sad to report, especially since this blog rates bars specifically on their karaoke, that I was unimpressed with The Break Room’s karaoke. 
  1.  Never started on time. While the bar advertises 7-nights a week karaoke, and inside is posted that karaoke starts at 10 pm nightly, I visited on 3 separate occasions, asking each time when karaoke would start, and was told it started at 10 pm. The first visit proved karaoke starting at 10:30 pm. The second time, karaoke started at 11 pm. And the third visit proved karaoke in full swing when I arrived at 9:45 pm.
  2. Karaoke “system” ran entirely on YouTube. While I appreciate a DJ who can supplement their song selection by bringing up a YouTube singalong, it is difficult to take any host seriously who uses nothing but YouTube, complete with waiting on ads, as their only song selection.

  • In addition to the entire song collection ran on YouTube, this host’s internet connection was spotty, causing the videos to lag or freeze. The DJ also fumbled with getting the songs pulled up in the proper order to match the singers. (For example, all 3 separate visits, the DJ pulled up the wrong song for me multiple times before finally retyping the song at my request to get the right one.)

Overall, The Break Room in Phoenix, AZ is 4 stars: a great bar with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, good food and inexpensive alcohol. As a karaoke bar, my review is 1 star: not worth going for the karaoke.