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Karaoke Jane, A Contemporary Fiction Novel

Photo: Bar sign in neon lights with cover art for Karaoke Jane; cover art is colorful abstract photo of woman singing.
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Karaoke Jane, the all-new contemporary fiction novel by BC Brown.

Fan-favorite with 4.67 Stars on Goodreads!

Ever made a bad decision while in a bar?

Everyone has. But few can say they made the best worst decision ever in a bar. Except for Jane. Or, as some would come to call her – Karaoke Jane.

Karaoke Jane, a new contemporary fiction novel that proves opportunities often lurk in the unlikeliest of places. Book and ebook cover for Karaoke Jane. Click to purchase or read more.
Sometimes getting to the top means starting at the bottom. Rock bottom.

To Jane McCullough, nothing said bottom like being homeless, jobless, and entering karaoke contests in order to eat. But when her husband of fourteen years abandons her, Jane finds herself caught up in the hurricane of her new life. Can gale force nights of bars, alcohol, and singing steady Jane enough to land her back on her feet? Or does she run the risk of losing herself trying to keep her eye on the horizon?

Get your copy of this debut contemporary fiction novel from fantasy author BC Brown!