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Karaoke Reviews: Monkey Pants Bar & Grill

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Monkey Pants Bar & Grill Karaoke Bar Review.

3223 South Mill Ave.
Tempe, AZ 85282
NE Corner Mill/Southern

Karaoke Days: Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday from 8 pm-2 am (websitefacebook) Always confirm days/hours.


Monkey Pants Bar & Grill atmosphere on karaoke nights is a laidback, entertaining event. With a separate stage, microphone, and multiple television screens dedicated to karaoke, Monkey Pants caters to the amateur diva without skimping on service to the regular barflies. The karaoke hosts are comprised of several different people but each takes special care to remember most singers’ names. If you become a regular, which is easy to do when a venue offers karaoke four nights a week, the hosts quickly learn your favorite songs and any special needs you might have (like being a Deaf person who needs the volume bumped a little) and accommodate.

The bar and wait staff are incredibly friendly to karaoke patrons and often pay attention to the singer rotation to facilitate getting a drink or food quicker so as not to miss their turn in the queue.  As a matter of fact, the bar staff pay attention to the song selections and performances and cheer along with the crowd. And it wasn’t just because I was there doing my karaoke bar reviews because no one had been informed I did them.


Speaking of which, the crowd at Monkey Pants is beyond supportive. While the dedicated space with its stage and seating, and still housing the pool tables and dart boards, doesn’t necessarily have a lot of room for dancing, most patrons (singers or not) dance and cheer the karaoke singers, appreciating the effort and courage it takes to sing publicly.

Monkey Pants has its karaoke regulars. Almost all are inviting and friendly with only the rare curmudgeon who wants to hog the spotlight (not counting the occasional drunken group who like to leap onto the stage to “help”). The karaoke hosts usually quickly settle down any mic hogs or bad-natured individuals who make anyone feel uncomfortable or cheated out of their brief celebrity. On more than one occasion other singers have invited me to sit with them when they saw I was at karaoke alone.

Monkey Pants is a zero pressure to karaoke environment. While people are generally friendly enough to ask if a person plans to sing, in multiple visits to the bar I’ve yet to experience someone trying to “talk me into karaoking” like with some other places.


The overall song selection at Monkey Pants Bar & Grill is decent. Available songs are comprised of classic karaoke artists, although the karaoke hosts are usually open to selection requests. Don’t expect those requests to be added to the song list expeditiously, however. Since the karaoke hosts have to get the permission of the bar owner (who is a nice person) before paying for songs to be added, it takes some time since karaoke doesn’t seem to be the owner’s focus like some other metro Phoenix area karaoke bars. Even though the song selection tends to be more mainstream, the hosts have managed to collect a few more unusual songs over the years.

Bar Stuff:

Patrons can expect the usual bar shenanigans happening on a regular basis. Monkey Pants is great for karaoke singers but it is still a bar operating fiscally on the consumption of alcohol and food.

Unlike many karaoke bars in Phoenix, Monkey Pants does host a delicious menu of above-average yumminess in the standard range of bar food: wings, burgers, and fried foods. Even with the above-average food fare, the prices remain reasonable for both dinner and drinks.

In addition to karaoke, Monkey Pants offers dart boards and pool tables. Their website has listings for trivia events and the occasional live band or event. I’ve even seen a comedy show and YouTube show hosted on the stage.

BC Karaoke Bar Review:

Monkey Pants Bar & Grill receives a 4 Microphones rating from this karaoke reviewer (1-5 scale = 1 worst and 5 best).

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