KAZAAM! (Made you look.)

As writers we pound our fucking heads against the wall wonder what it takes to get the attention of our readers. Actually, hell, we wonder what it takes to get the attention of anyone – readers, non-readers, fellow authors, agents, publishing houses, reviewers, etc. Just what is the magic formula to catch the infuriating lovely eyes of those people out there in non-writer land? We know other nerds bookworms will follow our blogs, check our websites, follow our Twitter and FB updates and, generally, stalk us because they hope like hell expect us to do the same – help them out by paying attention to them too. But it is the non-author, non-agent, non-publisher, non-book-world-related-individual we so desperately seek. So is there a magic formula to getting noticed without somehow managing to piss off alienate those we wish to entice?

The inter-webs is chocked full of nuts annoying writers who promote, Promote, PROMOTE at all costs, forcing their links, book blurbs, blogs like me down everyone’s throats at every opportunity they get. We’ve all seen them; we all know someone like this. And a few of us don’t want to admit it fuck it, I’ll admit it but we become these people from time to time. But what is a writer supposed to do?

In the world of writing there are no quippy sales jingles to get stuck in someone’s head, no pop up banner on Amazon that flashes neon letters directing people to your book. And if there are what the fuck are you doing reading my piss ant little blog? Oh, wait, I do know a few well-to-do and well-known peoples. So writers are stuck with trying to catch the eye of prospective readers/agents/publishers out there without alienating every last one of them in the process.

I often worry about how much is too much advertising of my books via blogs, Twitter, forums, FB, book sites, etc. One author friend of mine subscribes to the philosophy that every chance you get to promote your writing, you should; yet another thinks less is more. I, on the other hand, believe a strategic plan Hey, kamikaze was a strategy; just not a great one is the best route. But what is strategic?

On my own FB and Twitter feeds, I heave a mental sigh (and sometimes an audible one) when an ad for someone’s book/movie/music comes up and it’s, probably, the fourth or fifth one I’ve seen that week. I can’t blame these people for promoting their work. Most of the time, the ads are on separate days at different times. This, I would consider to be strategic marketing. And yet I still sigh even knowing this. So how often is too often? Too infrequent?

At one point, I so infrequently advertised on my own feeds (therefore advertising on everyone connected with me feeds too) that some people had no idea I was published! I advertised friends’ work, book reviews, blogs I liked/followed, but not my own stuff. Then lo and frickin behold I mentioned in a blog article that someone happened to read, found funny, and then wondered why I didn’t mention I’d been published…?? Um, I thought I’d talked everyone’s ear off about it already! lol Then I realized I needed to start promoting myself better. But the question still continues to be – how much is too much or too little? Apparently, it’s a fine line I’m going to continue to walk, wandering aimlessly until people either get sick of me or I finally get the attention I crave. Is that even possible?! Until then, if you’re one of the people whom I’m annoying the shit out of – SORRY.

3 thoughts on “KAZAAM! (Made you look.)”

  1. I have the same dilemma. When is it too much? If you ever figure that out please post about it. Just joined Pinterest and yes, I added a board for my books too.

  2. Personally, it drives me crazy when someone posts their link over and over, several times during the day. I only do that if the author I'm promoting on my blog hasn't received any comments, and I wonder if she's promoted his/herself? I think one promo per day is sufficient, but you also need to interact with people on the site; to show you're interested in other people and not just saying 'Look at me! Look at meeeeeee!!'

  3. Molly, I completely agree. I usually try to post about 3 times daily. BUT two of my posts are in the late late hours of the night and the wee hours of the morning. If I'm lucky, I'm awake and coherent enough to post once in the middle of the day or early evening.

    But I do agree that it is important to pay attention to and interact with others. Especially if you're using their site to spring board for promotion.

    And, Barbara, you will certainly need to let me know about Pinterest. I've looked at it (fleetingly) and considered it (probably even more fleetingly) but promotion is so overwhelming. I try to take one new thing at a time. And, of course, as Molly can attest, I limit what days I monitor/track certain sites etc. (ahem, like my blog) unless I'm actively participating on that site.

    Thanks, Ladies, for taking a little time out of your day to participate in my blog btw! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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