Nerd Cred, A Follow Up

Once upon a time, some months ago, I blogged about something critically vital to me – my Nerd Cred. Now, if you aren’t aware (and how could that possibly be since every word I type is of vital national importance), I am one serious geek. I’m a tabletop roleplay, cosplay, conventioneer, sci-fi/fantasy, bookworm, space-loving, dweeb.

However, if you read the last blog on this matter (and of course you did because, again, vital national inportance, right?) you found out my little secret – I am not a veejee gamer. (That’s my slang for “video” gaming, by the way.) This, you might imagine, draws a lot of scorn and ridicule from the nerd community.

What?! She doesn’t video game? How can she begin to consider herself a true Nerd then?

As I mentioned before, my Nerd Cred (thus which is the building blocks of life) is dinged a little. I mean, being a chick already dings it a lot because, let’s face it, if you have a vagina it is damned difficult to be taken seriously as a Nerd by other Nerds – i.e. guys. Most look at chick nerds and pat us on the heads and say things like “How cute” then ask us where our Wonder Woman costume is.

Recently I’ve thought back on my reasoning behind not veejee gaming. Before it was a matter of disliking most games I ran across – Yes, even the roleplay ones – because they seemed little more than following some fairly standard points in the subprogramming to a predictable outcome. Like a book that is extremely predictable, these same games bored me. Thus a reason to not play them.

However, having seen and heard of a few games now that don’t seem to be as predictable as the older ones I looked at, I’ve taken another look at some of the games on the market today.

And that’s all I did – look. I told myself I was going to give veejee gaming a fair shake this time and try out a few games to see if my original analysis held true – veejee games were boring. Then I proceeded to….

sit on my hands and do nothing else.

Why? Despite wanting to explore the realm of video gaming and honestly give it a chance, I still had very little incentive, not to mention a schedule already splitting at the seams, to do so. I ignored my declarative to give video games a fair chance and let it do to the wayside.

Until the other day. The Doctor and I went on a roadtrip to Indy to visit with his brother and brother’s girlfriend. The Doctor’s brother (who bears a striking resemblance to

Quentin Tarantino btw – Weird, huh? The Doctor and Quentin Tarantino sharing the same genetic pool.) was graduation with a bachelor’s in Audio Recording Enginnering, and we traveled up for the ceremony. Naturally, we wanted to spend time with the two, so we went a day early. Our intent was to arrive in Indy around the time his brother’s girlfriend came home from work. As punctual as I ever am, we managed to arrive hours late. One could not blame Q’s girlfriend for deciding to run errands in the interrim, and she was not home as we arrived. Thus we were left in their house with the wooly mammoth (supposedly he’s a dog, but I’m not entirely convinced of that yet) for company.

I’m sure you can commiserate. When left alone in someone else’s home that you don’t visit often, you’re left to twiddle thumbs for the most part. We proceeded to twiddle. Then the Doctor caught sight of the XBox 360 and challenged me to a hockey match.

Little known fact about me, on top of my Nerd Cred, I really really like baseball and hockey. (I’m a Cubs and Blues/Blackhawks fan.)

I couldn’t pass up a hockey game, even if it was only computer generated. We dueled. I whomped his butt.

I’m not saying that I am a full veejee game convert. But I can see some of its appeal more clearly now. Not only is it a good way to kill time when you have nothing else to so, but it is rewarding in that you feel pretty good when you “win” at them.

I would like to point out, also, that the Doctor’s brother managed to totally annihilate my good feeling by turning around and thrashing me at the same game not long after the Doctor’s defeat.

In the future I don’t think I’ll sneer quite so heavily at friends when they comment on the next veejee game they are looking forward to playing.

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  1. My hand-eye coordination sucks, so I avoid competition style games. But I've always enjoyed trivia, brain games. This was my first attempt at a sport game, and I did well. (Until Q came home that is. lol)


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