Karaoke Reviews: Bridgett’s Last Laugh

Karaoke Queen back at you again with another local karaoke joint right here in Phoenix, Arizona. Bridgett’s Last Laugh, like the other two places I’ve written about previously here and here, is one of the 7-nights-a-week karaoke bars the metro Phoenix area has to offer. 

Let’s get down to it.


  • Food. Bridgett’s has one of the best after hours menus I’ve run across. A little above the standard bar fare of fries and burgers, the prices are incredibly reasonable, the food well prepared and served.
  • Atmosphere. Since Bridgett’s hosts many karaoke contests and events on a regular basis, the average bar crowd blends seamlessly with the karaoke crowd, is positive and upbeat, and appreciate a good singer/s. The crowds fluctuate between large and nearly deserted.
  • Selection. They’ve recently upgraded their equipment from CD cassette loaders to a laptop and the quality is much improved as well as the speed of getting the next singer up in the rotation. While they do not have a lot of new songs yet, the host has been steadily adding new music over the last several months. Plus, their selection of older songs is full, including some off-beat tracks like I prefer.
  • Rotation. The host is a stickler for maintaining the rotation. If you’re hoping for favorite playing or to bribe your way into a better spot in the rotation, you’re looking at the wrong joint. As someone who appreciates a well maintained rotation, I put this in the Pro column.
  • Hospitality. Hands down, a friendly bar. On my first trip there (or anywhere in Arizona for that matter), the host noted I was sitting alone and invited me to his table of karaoke regulars because, as he said, no one is allowed to be lonely at his karaoke. Since then I’ve been back several times and now consider many of the karaoke regulars as friends outside of karaoke.
  • Alcohol. While I’ve never required alcohol to make me “brave enough to sing” I know many do. The alcohol selection at Bridgett’s is pretty standard fare with no frills. For that, their prices are a touch on the higher side (unless they’ve changed that recently). 
  • Bartenders. Don’t get me wrong, Bridgett’s has had some wonderful bartenders. They’ve also had their fair share of cold and distant ones. As I often go on random nights to get an accurate sampling of the place, it’s been a crapshoot as to what kind of bar staff will serve me.
All in all, I give Bridgett’s Last Laugh a favorable rating for karaoke in Phoenix. Located in north Phoenix, it might be a trek for some but I’ve rarely been on a “dud” night. Even when there have been very few singers and crowd, the host/s have managed to keep it entertaining and lively.

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