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Let’s go surfin’ now; everybody surfin’ now; come on a surf-ari with me!!!

Some of you might remember that, last week, I was on t.v. for an interview about my writing. (Watch it here.) It was debuted on a local channel called Hometown Daily News on Channel 21, and also streamed live at their online broadcast. This was the first time I’d ever done such an event, and it went (I think) extremely well. I wasn’t too much of a gibbering eejit nor did I look like a three-week-old corpse found in the Hudson.

Today I am pleased to announce that I’ll be doing a live radio interview on the California station Chatting with Sherri at BlogTalk Radio. 

Link here to follow the show.

Sherri, I am pleased to say, is an award-winning author herself, and enjoys presenting writers, actors, and other creative sorts on her site. Basically, she provides a relaxed and inviting atmosphere to kick back and discuss recently released and upcoming projects.

The show will be live, Tuesday, November 13th at 130 (eastern standard time). We’ll discuss my most recent releases as well as upcoming projects, and talk a little about Sherri’s future guests.

I highly recommend you tune in. Sherri is a funny, entertaining, and well spoken host. I hope to match her as a guest.

P.S. In airwave-related news, author and friend Molly Daniels, will be live on Hometown Daily News discussing her nine (Yep, 9; the wench.) books. You can catch her live on Channel 21 in Knox County Indiana at 10a.m. (or online streaming live at www.mcbroadcast.com/watch-htn-live/).