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Why Keeping Your Opinion To Yourself Is Best.

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Condescending pricks.

These are the people who say idiotic things like:

  • That’s not a word. You’re an author; shouldn’t you know that’s not a word?

Yes, I am an author. Which means I know it’s not a word in the dictionary, as defined by today’s standards. However, as a writer (of fiction), this means I reserve the creative license to make up any muthafuckin’ word I please to get my point across.

  • I won’t watch the movie because the book was perfect. I couldn’t stand it if they changed the book.

Congratulations, you read a book. Did you really feel it necessary to announce to the whole world how literate you are? One) A book and a movie are different animals. There is no possible way a book can ever completely translate to the silver screen – things will be edited, added, or ix-nayed entirely. B) Unless the director is also the author of the book, there is no possible way two people can have the exact same vision of the same story. Finally) You’re a blowhard.

  • What are they wearing?!

Then you turn around and sausage yourself into some hideous garment you think is the epitome of high fashion whilst looking down your nose at anyone else who wants to express their own creativity or quirky style. Who made you TLC’s What Not to Wear? (And even they are jerks sometimes – sacrificing personality for cookie-cutter mannequins.)

  • I can’t stand drama, and that is all that (fill in the blank) does!

Really? You think we’re going to believe how much you dislike drama after, in your opening argument, you’ve laid it on thicker than a porn star’s Ooooh-ing? 

And that’s all. A necessary vent on my part. Don’t’cha just love it when I do that?