Summer Fun is a Writer’s Bane

Summer. We’ve all looked forward to those beautiful, warm months without school, without responsibility, and chocked full of events, barbeques, and family gatherings since we were wee-high to a grasshopper. I have no friggin’ clue what that phrase actually means except I hear my family members use it a lot. And that’s all true. With the exception that, as adults, we continue to have responsibilities during the summer months, we look forward to the excitement of this season as much now as we did as kids. It means much of the same to us now and it did then – fun.

But all that extra activity, all that extra fun, can interfere with our writing. Big time! While planning extra activities filled with grills and family members, those long, lonely hours we spend behind our computer monitors or typewriters or notebooks is dipped into. The fun and happiness we experience from those get-togethers begins to draw from the satisfaction or straight up mania we feel in sitting down to write a new story or finish an old one. I don’t think it’s really necessary to mention how a vacation can take us away from our job of writing, just like it takes us away from any other job we might have.

Managing to continue writing productively during the summer season is often one of the hardest parts
about being a writer. It’s inherent in human nature to want to kick up our heels, have fun, and party instead of work. And writing, whether or not many people who don’t do it believe it, is work.

Balancing our writing life with, well, life is really hard. Especially when the last thing we want to be is cooped up indoors when the sun is shining and the people are people-ing…? Well, you get the drift. During these beautiful months of fun and sun, we have to remain ever vigilant and keep our fingers on the keys and our butts in our work chairs… At least most of the time.


1 thought on “Summer Fun is a Writer’s Bane”

  1. I look forward to back-to-school time, because I get my life back, lol!

    Seriously, I enjoy being with the kids and taking them places, but when the muse hits, or I'm working, it's frustrating.

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