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The Next Big Thing Author Promotion Event

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Being an indie author isn’t the easiest prospect. There are long, grueling hours of writing topped with longer, more grueling hours of marketing, promotion, creative design, editing, contact and platform building. The list is endless.

Promotion seems to be one of the hardest aspects. Independent authors rarely have the means to advertise like the major publishers, so we must be super selective on our choice of avenues. Sometimes this means we have to use our best instinct on what ones will be the most productive. Occasionally we’re correct; other times, we’re not so lucky.

But one aspect of writing has always been easy – the reliance on community support (namely other authors) to help showcase, spotlight, and promote their fellow brothers-in-arms a.k.a. writers. Because, while we are all competing for one another, we are also all in the same foxhole, braving out the blustery storm of “I’m not really much of a reader, you know” together.

Last week (and yes, I am a day late on posting this article) my old friend J. Travis Grundon tagged me in his post regarding his writing and published works. This week, I am going to pay it forward to a couple other writers I know. Each post is supposed to contain five tagged authors to carry on the tradition but, the loser that I am, I’m coming into this particular blog tag a little late and most people I know have already played. Also I simply don’t know that many people; I’m selective about my friends, and even more selective about my writers.

Now that I’ve gotten that long-winded explanation out of me. On with The Next Big Thing blog chain!

1) What is the working title of your newest book?
A Touch of Madness
2) Where did the idea come from for the book?
While writing A Touch of Darkness, I came up with the idea for a loosely-based sequel. It started off with a random bit of scientific information that wouldn’t fit (no matter how hard I pushed) into Darkness, so I opted to create an entire second story for the characters to utilize that data. That and writing in Abbey’s world is just plain fun.
3) What genre does your book fall under?
It depends on who you ask. I classify it as Paranormal Mystery; others are Paranormal Romantic Suspense. Amazon likes to group it under Urban Fantasy.
4) What actors would you choose to play the part of your characters in a movie rendition?
While I use models to help build general appearances for my characters, and to quick reference when writing and keeping continuity in check, I don’t have specific actors in mind most of the time. But, for Abbey, I know I’d probably need to look internationally. She needs to have an indelible African beauty that is often difficult to find in America. 
5) What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book?
Psychics, serial killers, and sex.
6) Is your book be self-published or represented by an agency? My books are published by Insomnious Press. IP has no particular focus but has published works in urban and traditional fantasy to date. It is the home of James Bowers and myself. Their brother company, Glorious Bastards Press, is the home of J.Travis Grundon and Joe Schwartz. GB focuses on general and transgressive fiction. 
7) How long did it take you to write the first draft of the manuscript?
The first draft took longer than I would have liked. However, I was also finishing A Touch of Darkness at the time and collaborating on a short story anthology with fellow authors J. Travis Grundon and James Bowers called Fracas: A Collection of Short Friction. All-in-all I’d say A Touch of Madness took me a little over one year to finish the first manuscript. Then there was the editing – oy vey!
8) What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?
While I’ve heard it compared to the sass of Laurell K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake series and Charlene Harris’s Sookie Stackhouse series, I like to think that Abbey and her world are unique. First, I don’t write about the traditional urban fantasy staples – vampires, werewolves, witches, or angels and demons; second, because no two writers are ever the same. And, while books might be similar, no two books by different authors are the same.
9) Who or what inspired you to write this book?
Self preservation from cranial explosion. Or, my head would explode. When I’m inspired to write, there is little that will keep me from doing it. I write half in the sense of writing for me, but also with the knowledge that many people enjoy reading the types of stories I’m writing.
10) What else about the book might pique the reader’s interest?
A Touch of Darkness and A Touch of Madness aren’t your happily ever after sort of books. While there are cozy aspects to them, Abbey as a heroine is a train wreck. The story might wrap up neat in each book, but Abbey’s personal life will always have a mess left to be cleaned up.

I have tagged a few authors I think everyone should know about. Kenzie Michaels is a good friend and stalwart supporter. She writes in the avenue of adult smut. Benjamin Martinson is also a good friend (and worked with me on the cover photo for A Touch of Madness). You want epic fantasy, Benjamin is your man. And Stephen Hines is a recently-acquired writing friend. I had the honor of sitting beside him and his wife at a convention this summer and a good time and conversation was had by all. He writes satirical humor.

As you can plainly see, I do not have five fellow authors to support. Nor have I supported anyone within my specific genre. I didn’t do this for the obvious competition factor but because these are three writers whom I enjoy and think my readers will also enjoy. I hope my readers will give them a chance.

Kenzie Michaels is the alter-ego of milder-mannered Molly Daniels, who resides in southern Indiana. She writes about the wilder side of romance, and wants readers to join her for the ride. Personally, I believe Kenzie is the personality I karaoke with on a semi-regular basis but Molly often tags along as well. 

You can find Kenzie’s work on her blog You can also follow her on Twitter @KenzieMichaels

Benjamin Martinson studied journalism at Indiana University, is a photographer, devilish dancer, and all around nice guy. His real passion is writing stories; fantasy, fiction, or whatever inspires him. Benjamin’s favorite authors are R. A. Salvatore and Robert Jordan. He has penned Nature of the Beast, a short story, and is in the process of publishing his full-length fantasy novel.

Find Benjamin online on Google+

Stephen Hines was born a poor white boy in a little hick town up north (Willard: where the men are men & the sheep are nervous) in Ohio & moved to southwestern OH in 1998. Now he’s an older, pasty white boy who works too much (he teaches, therefore he is insane). Stephen specializes in satirical humor and comics/graphic novels and is all around fun to hold a conversation with.
 Find Stephen on Facebook 



A special thanks to J.Travis Grundon for tagging me and making me a part of this series of questioning.

J.Travis Grundon  is a father, writer, published author, and screen writer, amongst many more feathers in his hat. I just call him my best friend. J. Travis Grundon has served as an editor and contributor on Forrest J Ackerman’s Anthology of the Living Dead. His books Eclectic Collection and Happy Hour Blues are a feast of fiction, that illustrates his love, and craft of short stories.


His other work can found in the Silven Trumpeter, the Tecumseh Review, Scars, Paracinema, Twisted Dreams and The Monsters Next Door magazine. Other works include stories for Help – An Anthology To Benefit Preditors and Editors, Concrete Blood: Dark Tales of the City, Toe Tags 2 and Fracas: A Collection of Short Friction.
What People Say About Him…
“J. Travis Grundon is a visionary. You better watch out!” – Nicholas Grabowsky, Red Wet Dirt/ Black Bed Sheet Books
What I Say About Him…
“J. Travis Grundon ‘s stories are as familiar as sitting down to afternoon tea, but his ideas are as exotic and intoxicating as a good stiff shot added to the mix.” – B.C. Brown
Find J. Travis online at www.jtravisgrundon.blogspot.com or on Amazon or Twitter

You can find my work and J. Travis Grundon’s in our book Fracas: A Collection of Short Friction. You can also find links to our Amazon author pages from this book listing. Check it out if you are a fan of unforgettable short fiction! You can also find some of Benjamin Martinson’s photography on the cover of my latest work, A Touch of Madness.