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As most of you are aware, I’m a writer. I talk about writing. I like to discuss books. To my dismay, however, there are very few book clubs in my smaller than fly shit area. Of the groups that are around, they are elderly Christian women who read religion-inspired novels, elderly women who read traditional romance, and elderly women who read non-fiction. I am neither an elderly woman, Christian, or a traditional romance or non-fiction reader. Uh, duh. Of the rest of the groups that remain are uber-intelligent, literary snobs with chipmunks shoved up their asses their noses so high in the air, they can’t be bothered to deal with anything that isn’t “classic” literature. See, I totally belong in that group! Not.

What I do like is a mixture of writing. Have I read the classics? Yup. Do I occasionally read non-fiction? Yeah, sure. Do I completely and utterly swoon over a possibly ridiculous cheesy plot with more sex in it than it should have and a bunch of people with otherworldly abilities? Duh!

So you can imagine my utter Squee! moment when I discovered (thank you, Dan) past episodes of Vaginal Fantasy Hangout on Youtube. This book club was started by Felicia Day (most mainstream-able for her work on Eureka and Guild), Bonnie Burton (Tweet-licious funny woman), Veronica Belmont (see Sword and Laser), and Kiala Kazabee (blogger delux). (Of the ladies pictured to the side, only Bonnie Burton is missing from the panel. I’ve included an individual picture of Ms. Burton being her oh-so-adorable self.)

These women have become my best friends once a month. While they don’t always read and discuss books I’m all loco over, the show itself Vaginal Fantasy Book Club is phenomenal! I laugh; I drink; I get to listen to people talk about writing in a pure enjoyment-only capacity. And, to me, this is the only way to read. Can I learn something from what I read? Of course. But that doesn’t mean that the same book can’t entertain me in the process. And these ladies seem to understand that education and entertainment go hand-in-hand.

So this is my shout out pimp for the Vaginal Fantasy Book Club. Seriously, go listen to them. They post their old shows on Youtube for your perusal and I highly recommend doing so.